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  • Street light Archived
    1939-1943 Fleming Rd Greensboro, NC 27410, USA - Greensboro
    This new light at Isaacson and Fleming is an hot mess. Nobody uses Isaacson and the light for Flemings just stays red. This is the worst I have seen it in years. Please please adjust the greenlight for Fleming we are backed up to Bryan boulevard
  • 1210 Lexington Ave Greensboro, NC - Greensboro
    This bridge has been crumbling and getting worse year after year. Now it has a serious crack and is in danger of falling into the creek if it isn't repaired. As it is, it should be identified to park users as an unsafe creek crossing. This bridge is beautiful and is similar to the other creek crossings in Morris Farlow Park. Please repair it!
  • Speeding on Lovett Acknowledged
    Lovett St Greensboro, NC - Greensboro
    Center lines and parking lines were just put down on Lovett, which is great, however this only gives drivers more freedom to drive at a much higher rate of speed from Freeman Mill towards Aycock. I realize there have been speed studies and officially there were not enough cases of speeding for the issue to be addressed. The study, however, was flawed in that it took place closer to the Freeman Mill end, near the stop light. I have personally watched 3 dogs get killed in the last 6 months due to careless speeding drivers. ALL 3 incidents took place mid way down Lovett, between Aycock & Freeman Mill. Drivers begin picking up speed from Freeman Mill right before reaching Ontario and don't slow down again until they begin to approach the church on the right, near the Florida St stop light. I'm sitting here this morning and can say there have been, at least, 6 cars in the last 15 minutes drive far over the 35 mph limit. The city needs to act on this before a child is killed, and eventually, it will happen.
  • 6256 Old Oak Ridge Road Greensboro, NC 27410, Greensboro, North Carolina - Guilford County

    The light at the intersection of Old Oak Ridge Road and Muirfield Dr. is creating dangerous traffic back-ups all the way onto Bryan Blvd. during P.M. rush hour. Currently, the light will cycle quickly just to allow 1-3 cars out of the Cardinal development while restraining far more (seems like 50) on Old Oak Ridge Road and at the Bryan Blvd exit. During rush hours, the volume of traffic traveling to the NW corner of Guilford County should not be stopped for a couple (or even one) car turning left from Muirfield as soon the pressure sensor is tripped.

    Please install a camera or something so you can monitor the situation if you decline to fix the signal at this intersection immediately.

    Recommend placing Muirfield light on time cycle appropriate for volume of traffic passing through the intersection vs. the current pressure sensitive method. OR any other appropriate solution.

    Thank you.
    :::Attached illustration where I have personally witnessed backup lines/volume

  • Other Archived
    2512 Berkley Pl Greensboro, NC 27403, USA - Greensboro
    Can my next door neighbor really put up a 8' 6" high fence in the back yard? I thought the highest fence allowed by code is 7'. Is there any ordinance on putting the finished side outward? I'm not sure who to call.
  • 1201 Spring Garden Street Greensboro, North Carolina - Greensboro
    Hi, all of the crosswalk buttons on each post at the intersection of Spring Garden St. and Forest St. have been worn out. Please replace with either an Audbile Pedestrian Signals to help ADA. Or at the minimum replace with buttons that use an all metal design, versus the rubber that is being used currently.
  • 1501-1503 Glenwood Avenue Greensboro, North Carolina - Greensboro
    The light on W Florida St and Glenwood Ave holds way too long whenever my car pulls up to it on Glenwood Ave. If there is a way for it to trigger sooner (especially when there's no traffic on W Florida St.) I would greatly appreciate it as I often have to wait on it now since Lovett street has been closed for several months now...
  • 771-799 Lexington Avenue Greensboro, North Carolina - Greensboro

    Hello again, there are four lights across Lexington Ave and Union St. before UNCG Spartan Village that work most of the time, however would definitely benefit the area if they could be upgraded to LED lighting. As it stands now, there are a couple of areas that are dark due to where these current lights can't hit due to their design where an LED fixture would be able to focus. I am asking these four fixtures listed below be upgraded as I believe it will help the area feel safer and become better lit at night for students. Since this is an area where fixtures currently exist, and half of it isn't part of residential, I felt that the official petition form isn't needed.

    Light fixtures to consider replacing with LED:
    738 Lexington Ave.
    796 Lexington Ave.
    1085 Union St.
    1063 Union St.

  • 2901-2909 W Market St Greensboro, NC 27403, USA - Greensboro
    Please fix this!! I rolled my ankle today while running on the sidewalk and stumbled into the road!! Thankfully there wasn't a car driving by since it's right I against the sidewalk. I think this has been reported before. This is a real hazard. Please fix this!
  • 5119 Southwind Rd Greensboro, North Carolina - Greensboro
    To whom it may concern:
    Upon returning home on Monday evening, our scheduled day for trash and recycling pickup, my green and brown cans were missing. I would like to request replacement cans.
  • 700-768 Lexington Avenue Greensboro, North Carolina - Greensboro
    There has been multiple areas that have recently had ADA ramps installed such as the Crosswalk area on Highland Ave. next to Gate City (closest to railroad tracks). Installing them here to the already deteriorating ramps and curve would not only benefit those with ADA disabilities (which there are quite a few of them who do commute via this sidewalk from the UNCG Spartan Village).
  • 1054-1058 Spring Garden Street Greensboro, North Carolina - Greensboro
    Several of the buttons at the crosswalk of Spring Garden St. and Highland Ave. have worn through. After some research, Audible Pedestrian buttons would be preferred for ADA purposes and to match the Audible Pedestrian buttons at Spring Garden & Aycock St.