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  • 315 West 103rd Street New York, NY - Upper West Side

    Construction at 315 West 103rd Street is seemingly in violation of NY building code. Plus, the owner falsely claimed that the building was vacant in his application to the Department of Buildings.

    We call on the DOB to order the removal of this allegedly illegal addition at once.

    See WSJ article

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  • 315 W 103 St New York, NY - Upper West Side

    The DOT just renewed the permit for a generator to be left on the street in front of 315 West 103rd Street based on a DOB permit that was revoked six months ago in July '09.

    This new DOT permit (#M022009363306) should be revoked immediately.

  • 96th St And Broadway Manhattan, NY - City Council District 6
    Subway lets people out in the island in middle of Broadway. As a result floods of people cross during green light for traffic on Broadway. Many people are typically crossing Broadway when the signal turns green for cars turning onto 96th St. People will get killed here. There are never any crossing guards or traffic police.
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  • 273 West 72nd St New York, New York - City Council District 6
    The Strom grate at the corner of W 72nd St & West End Avenue has collapsed into a deep pothole. See pic
  • 59th Street Columbus Circle Subway Station Manhattan, NY - City Council District 6
    Do you use this station regularly? What would you like to see changed? What is your vision for a positive urban future here? Post a comment on this issue, and join the conversation —
  • graffiti on utillity box

    From @seekayel
    Reported via twitter to @seeclickfix with a GoogleMaps URL

  • 363-437 Columbus Ave Manhattan, NY 10024, USA - City Council District 6
    The southern terminus of the Columbus Ave bike lane leaves no place for riders to merge back into traffic, especially- as in the attached photo- when people park vehicles close into the pedestrian island.
  • 215 West 94 Street New York, NY - City Council District 6
    I live in this bldg and there are about 70 tenants wich is being used as a DAYS HOTEL. This is a SRO and since 1995 has been transformed into an illegal hotel. There are about 300 hundred illegal hotel rooms being rented on a daily basis. There are several open violations being 4 to stop illegal occupancy, due to zoning and CoO which is disregarded by the landlord. There are violations for lack of appropriate exits in case of fire which is also disregarded by landlord. Landlord attempted to get a Certificate of No-Harassment in 2007 and it was denied, but since then they continue a series of illegalities, which include getting permits submitting fraudulent info, such as denying it's a SRO, saying they are renovating residential units when as a matter of fact they are converting illegally into hotel rooms. There are 2 STOP Work Orders in the bldg, but they continue to convert rooms. I have called DOB for a current conversion of room 210 and amazingly they did not see the renovation happening. They revoked most permits they had but too late because they had finished a long time ago and are renting for almost a year to transient guests. No one is helping us, including Brewer, which discouraged me to fight them, Rosenthal's Office helped me a little but keep trying to convince me the hotel is legal despite the 4 violations from the Mayor's Office. They keep pushing tenants down and treat us like garbage, they have bee successful with 300 of them already. HPD denied the certificate of no-harassment but left us alone in the cold to deal with a retaliation which included putting a bouncer in front of my apartment who claimed to be armed with a knife. Police thought that is okay to have the only security in front of my unit. They have a parking load and unload for a hotel although it's illegal. I have called the new elected official for our street and despite 3 phone calls I have not received any response. This city i allowing this landlord to disobey every tenant protection laws in this city and despite of cracking down in other hotels, they are doing too little or nothing to really stop them.
  • 2-98 W 81st St Manhattan, NY 10024, USA - Central Park
    The 5847 car on the MTA subway's A Train has a pretty bad water leak!
  • 140 W 75th St New York, NY 10023, USA - City Council District 6
    This section of West 75th needs more plantings.
  • 205 West 107th Street Manhattan, NY - Upper West Side
    Contractors with work permits are gutting out old lead-painted apartments without using safe work practices generating huge clouds of lead dust in the alleyway right near my windows in the building next door at 203 West 107th Street. I have an 11-month-old son. I fear that there is so much lead dust that, even though we didn't open the windows during the fury, the air is extremely toxic in this alleyway and in this first floor apartment. We are staying here temporarily while our ninth floor apartment in the same building is being abated for lead (to protect my son). I believe our temporary refuge is, actually, much more dangerous as a result of this toxic renovation. According to one source, the Landlord of 205 W 107th did not even wet down the debris to control the spread of dust because then it would have been heavier and would have cost more to haul away. When I arrived home from work on Thursday, April 4, at about 4PM, I witnessed a worker loading unwrapped large debris onto a truck in front of my building and banging an old baseboard on the street. The Department of Environmental Protection responded to my 311 complaint, but by the time they arrived on April 9, the most dangerous activity was finished (for now). They reported that no violation was given and they do not appear to have investigated what had gone on the week of April 1 or to have bothered to view the alleyway I have photographed (see comments below). In Bloomberg's New York, the Department of Health and HPD are just as inept, complacent, and complicit in looking the other way.