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  • 1208 Westover Hills Boulevard Richmond, VA - Forest View
    Trash, Cardboard Boxes, and a Couch that has been there for weeks littering the property. The dumpsters are wide open allowing for trash to blow out and on to neighboring properties.
  • 4536 East Seminary Avenue Richmond, VA - Ginter Park
    This tree drops large branches down onto the street (and cars) each time we have a storm. It's already totaled one car on the street.
  • 1802 Chantilly Street Richmond, VA - Monument Avenue Park
    Several large potholes have reopened in front of the West End Vol. Rescue Squad, impeding the entry and egress of, and causing damage to, the emergency vehicles.
  • 2917 West Grace St Richmond, VA - The Museum District
    There have been feral cats allowed to come and go as they please, via a cat door in the back of the house, for the last two years I have been living on this street. Up to 15 at times. The home is owned, but unoccupied. The owner comes by sporadically and dumps cat food into bowls in the back yard and leaves opend canned cat food laying about as well. The smell (especially during the hotter days) is foul to the point where I am unable to enjoy my own front porch. I can only imagine the state of the interior, as the exterior is overrun with weeds and the garden has become a litterbox.
  • 825 Boroughbridge Rd Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Westover
    Bamboo has overgrown the backyard of this property and has spread to neighboring lots. There is also standing water in the backyard, resulting in mosquitos. The sideyard of the lot been fenced in, but since the fence was built, the grass has not been cut and is becoming overgrown with grass and weeds (4 feet tall).
  • 1700 Monument Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
    Larger signs are needed to make traffic yield at the monument. Cars travel too fast down Monument Ave at this intersection. Two pedestrians were hit and injured yesterday while trying to cross the street. A crossing guard is needed for Orchard House School on Allen Ave.
  • 2803 E Grace St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill

    There has been junk on this corner for years. They call it the "Fairy Garden" but it is really just a bunch of trash.

    Please remove immdeiately it makes the whole block look junky!!

    It is against there follow city of Richmond code:



    Sec. 38-111. - Definitions.


    The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this division, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

    Fixture means a pole; streetlight; tree; tree box; tree stake; fire hydrant; fire alarm box; trash receptacle; stand; wire; rope; public bridge; railroad trestle; drinking fountain; life buoy or any other lifesaving equipment; standard serving as a base or support for a directional sign, traffic regulation or control signal, sign or device; and any other fixture or structure, whether publicly or privately owned or whether permanently or temporarily placed in, on or over a public way. But the term shall not include a fixture permanently attached to a building, structure, pole or standard on private property serving as a base or support for a sign and projecting over a part of a public way installed and maintained in accordance with law, provided that it is used only for advertising the enterprise of the occupant of the premises.

    Informational sign means banners or signs placed on or across the public right-of-way temporarily to provide directions or information regarding an event.

    Public way means a street, sidewalk, alley, road, highway, bridge, viaduct, subway, underpass, park, parkway, playfield, playground and any other similar place in the city opened to and used by the public.

    Sign means a sign, placard, banner, flag, bulletin and any other device of any kind or description used for advertising, promotional or solicitation purposes or for any other commercial, noncommercial, or political display or visual communication purposes.

    (Code 1993, § 19-21)

    Cross reference— Definitions generally, § 1-2.

  • 5118 Boscobel Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Forest View
    Dorchester Rd. and Boscobel Ave. are constantly use as a cut off to avoid the light at Forest Hill and Jahnke. People drive very fast through this area and there are my small children in the neighborhood.
  • Potholes Archived
    9 South 10th Street Richmond, Virginia - Central Office
    in the alley between Cary and Main
  • Other Acknowledged
    100 West Brookland Park Boulevard - Brookland Park
    Permanent parking and street cleaning signs on wood post were removed illegally. See photo.
  • Other Archived
    307 North 33rd Street Richmond, Virginia - Chimborazo
    Sidewalks severely damaged by multiple huge tree roots. Severe walking and trip hazard.
  • Potholes Archived
    1802 Chantilly Street Richmond, VA - Monument Avenue Park
    A large pothole (we call it The Great Hole to China), and several smaller ones have appeared on Chantilly Street in front of our ambulance bay at the West End Vol. Rescue Squad. As we drive emergency equipment over them to get in and out of the building, damage is caused to the units. I can forward an image if it is necessary. Thank you for your time!