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  • Graffiti Archived
    2028 West Main Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan
  • 3111 E. Broad Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill
    3111 E. Broad Street continues to be a nuisance property.
    Currently the front door is not secured and one of the upstairs front windows appears to be either broken or partially open.
  • 310 West 31st Street Richmond, VA - Woodland Heights
    This is property at 310 West 31st street is vacant since last summer. Last week someone stole a bunch of window air conditioning units out of the ground floor windows and there are now open spaces into the building and it is encouraging vagrants to enter and squat. Please come board these open windows up!! I attached a few photos but there are many more than just this. Thanks!
  • 800 W. Graham Rd. Richmond City, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    bamboo on the property behind 800 W. Graham Rd. has grown to a point of creating a blind spot exiting the alley behind 800 W. Graham onto Tazewell St. Needs to be cut back, please.
  • 818 N 27th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North
    This property appears to be abandon. The lot is overgrown, weeds are >20inches in height, the sidewalk is obstructed and not safe. People have been seen using elicit drugs on porch and back yard of this property. Yelling loud arguments taking place outside this property are heard on a regular basis. A thorough code enforcement inspection is requested.
  • 701-799 N 5th St Richmond, VA 23219, USA - Biotech And MCV District
    The ramp starting at 5th street leading to 95south is broken to pieces and deep holes. The section at the beginning , in the turn, is dangerous especially for the heavy traffic it gets.
  • tree removal Archived
    1802 Elmsmere Avenue richmond, VA - Rosedale
    I'd like the tree that is on City property in front of my house removed, please. It is leaning towards my house, and its branches are in the power lines. Tree is currently alive but am worried it might not survive another big storm without hitting my house. Thanks.
  • 2016 W Cary Street Richmond, VA - The Fan
    The alley between Rowland and Meadow and between Main and Cary. The alley has a number of very large potholes and needs to at least be redone with gravel. I really think that the alley ultimately needs to be completely paved as there is a large amount of traffic through this alley.
  • 2005 Idlewood Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Byrd Park
    Because there are no trash cans on the 2000 block of Idlewood ave there is always trash left all over the street and in our yards. We need trash cans at all four corners of the block - we get a lot of traffic to/from the convenience store further down on Idlewood.
  • 1006 Perry Street Richmond, VA - Richmond Precinct 1
    The home is about to fall to the ground. Recently the residents moved out. Now it is becoming a homeless shelter. In addition the yard is littered with trash and debris. We need to have something done with this property.
  • 800 W. Graham Rd. Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    There is a large gap in the road in front of the driveway exit to Northside Family Learning Center. Seems like a safety hazard -- as well as flat tire waiting to happen.
  • 2419 Maplewood Ave Richmond, VA 23220, USA - Byrd Park

    1/21/13 - as far as I know this has never been reviewed by the City. It would be great if someone could come take a look at it when there is a heavy rain to see the huge puddle that forms and stays in the alley for several days.

    In side alley between garages at 601 S. Davis and 2419 Maplewood, whenever it rains a large puddle of water stands for several days creating a risk for mosquitoes. Please install a drain as is in the middle of the side alley. Thank you!