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  • 439-599 Longbrook Ave Stratford, CT 06614, USA - Stratford
    This Bridge appears to have shifted shortly after winter passed and the edges of it have risen so when you cross it, it bangs and is steep. The dry patch is cool, but seriously is that gonna help in the long term?
  • 134 Summerfield Ave Bridgeport, CT, 06610, USA - Bridgeport
  • Beecher Street Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
  • Beecher Street Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
  • 80 - 100 Dogwood Dr Stratford, CT - Stratford
    The street light on the telephone pole between 80 & 100 Dogwood Dr. Stratford, Ct is out
  • 226-242 E Pasadena Pl Bridgeport, CT 06610, USA - Bridgeport
  • Tree Issues Archived
    269 Success Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    Ms. Collins lives at 269 and states that there are 2 trees that need to cut down, due to the branches that are falling from that trees. (203)260-0936
  • 34 Wilmot Pl Bridgeport, CT, 06607, USA - Bridgeport
    Assessor's Office reported exterior renovation. No Permit.
  • 8-24 Falmouth St Milford, CT 06460, USA - Milford
    Multiple familes living in dwelling; coming and going 10-11 PM with a very loud 5 year old outside after 10 pm; horn beeping and no consideration for neighbors; absentee landlord.
  • 368 Intervale Rd Bridgeport, CT, 06610, USA - Bridgeport
    I have a serious problem with bees. I discovered a hole in my front lawn, so I got curious because it was not there before. I tried covering it with a rock and to my surprise dozens of bees came flying out. It’s getting worse. It’s a high traffic area I am concerned for delivery people or passers by.
  • 51-65 Boothbay St Milford, CT 06460, USA - Milford
    Use caution at this 4 way stop sign that is always busy yet I see lots of people blaze right through it without even slowing down
  • 364 Dover St Bridgeport, CT, 06610, USA - Bridgeport