Mayor of Stratford CT (Roughly)

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  • 2115-2135 Boston Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut - Stratford
    There is trash strewn about on the ground as well as furniture pictured
  • 353 Curtis Avenue Stratford, Connecticut - Stratford
    Misha is a 6 month old kitten who was last seen on 6/23/15 at 353 Curtis Ave in Stratford. She weighs 6 pounds and is black, brown, and orange. She has a crooked tail like a Siamese cat. Micro chip # 985112005789560. If you have seen Misha please call Home Again @ 1-888-466-3242.
  • Birdsdeye Street Stratford, Connecticut - Stratford
    Black/White, male, American Shorthair, black chin, scared of people, likes to chase squirrels, 2 years old, 10 lbs, Last seen 05/27/2015 Birdseye Street between Chelsea and Dover Street Call 1-888-466-3242 #985112002252548
  • Bruce Blvd Bridgeport, Connecticut - Stratford
    Bruce brook needs to be cleaned along Bruce blvd loaded with garbage
  • 396 Garibaldi Ave Stratford, Connecticut - Stratford
    Pot Holes on Garibaldi Ave
    From Larkin Ct to Honeyspot Road
  • West Ave Milford, CT - Milford
    The naugatuck ave side of west ave is a nightmare. This street really needs to be fixed. This has always been an issue but its only worse. The Kennedy School half out to the post rd was done. Why not other side???
  • 55 Peak Avenue Milford, Connecticut - Milford
    Man hole is sinking asphalt around it is spongy
  • 19 Stovell And Andrews Ave. Milford, Connecticut - Milford
    hole pavement at the intersection
  • 2544 Main Street Stratford, CT 06615, USA - Stratford
    The 23 bus isn't aligned with the Metro North schedules what so ever, especially in the morning. This causes pedestrians to have to wait a whole hour for the next bus. If the busses ran more than once an hour this wouldn't be an issue. If the 23 bus left Bridgeport 15 minutes after it is scheduled to leave this would allow an average of 3 additional trains worth of commuters to catch not only catch the train in Startford but also Bridgeport.
  • Melville Street Stratford, Connecticut - Stratford
    Male, yellow lab ret, 6 year old, wearing 2 black collars, friendly, 85lb. Lost 03/05/2014 Call Home Again 1-888-466-3242 #4A1A5A7B00
  • Dewey Ave Milford, CT - Milford
    Found a dog in this area. Looks like a beagle/ basset hound mix. Very very skinny and was freezing cold. Very friendly and knows basic commands. Anyone who knows of someone missing a dog please let me know.
  • Barnum And Main Street Stratford, CT - Stratford
    Early Mornings (2:15am) Traffic light at intersection of Main and Barnum keeps cycling between turn arrow and green for Barnum Avenue only. Trying to make a left onto Barnum from Main coming from Paradise Green and it never gives the left turn arrow unless someone is sitting at the light to go straight.