Mayor of Stratford CT (Roughly)

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Mayor's office of Stratford CT as created by a user. Email address as listed on

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    Barnum Ave. At Hallett St. Bridgeport, CT 06608, USA - Bridgeport
    To whom can I complain or voice my frustration of very loud neighbors? Not only has our block been infested with one loud, ghetto, smoking/drinking neighbor but a new tenant on the opposite side of the block has become the same nuisance. EVERY SINGLE DAY these neighbors blast their music at all hours of the day and night. Their guests hog up all the limited parking in the area. These neighbors never respected the social distancing act and now I'm plainly fed up. I come from work on any given day and the music is blasting and I have to park away from my place because there isn't any parking. City of Bridgeport please help!! I'm tired! I'm exhausted! I just want to come home and have a quiet day. These neighbors are at 147-149 Helen St. and 161-163 Helen Street. Please help!!!
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    498-500 Hallett St Bridgeport 06608, United States - Bridgeport
    Illegal employment and debris falling and being tossed on the right and left side of building and endangering my neighbors house/driveway/cars/& people walking thru driveway
  • 637-651 Barnum Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    major work needed to bring building up to code, including electrical, ha/c and heating and fire hazards, with no fire sprinklers or extinguishers.
  • 598 Jane St Bridgeport, CT 06608, USA - Bridgeport
    illegal garage cluttering our streets with cars and having tow trucks dump cars all over the neighborhood. I know this garage does not have a license to operate a business.
  • 289 East Ave Bridgeport, CT 06610, USA - Bridgeport
    white 4 door buick with flat tire been sitting for months . the lady of da bldg dont want no body parking there that why she do that it's sad we have no parking as it is. she put garbage bins nd bags on da street so no one can park there.
  • 2281 E Main St Bridgeport, CT 06610, USA - Bridgeport
    selling expried things open without permiet
  • Utility Cut Acknowledged
    1038 Pembroke Street Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    This utility cut has not been patched since at least August 2018. I reported it on 4/10/2019 and nothing has been done to fix it. It is very deep and very dangerous.
  • 189 Priscilla St Bridgeport, CT 06610, USA - Bridgeport
    It's not only missing but multiple residents of Priscilla feel the cars drive way too fast and their is many children that play on this street including disabled ones. In the video provided is where the sharp turn that multiple cars drive full speed from anywhere between 50mph or more.
  • 2-80 Kent Street Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    1. Garbage on either side of the road.
    2. Garbage and recycling bins on the street permanently.
    3. Mechanical work on the street at times.
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    83 Brookfield Avenue Bridgeport Connecticut - Bridgeport
    1:28--1:34 a.m tuesday April 25th 2017. Work vehicle robbed of tools.
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    1777 Noble Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    burned out house
    3 years ago
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    Boston Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport

    It is difficult to cross the road on Boston Avenue across from the PriceRite on the shopping plaza.

    SInce the bus halts near Chase Bank and there are no zebra crossing marks for the pedestarians who alight from the bus . During stop light when one has to cross the road to go to Pricerite or other stores ,it becomes difficult to cross with the oncoming traffic in both the directions .One has to raise the hand to cross to know the vehicles to slow down.