Virginia Department of Transportation

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Virginia Department of Transportation, Richmond District. Covers numbered routes ex. Route 250, US 1 with the exception of Richmond city.

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  • 5160 Commerce Rd RICHMONE , VA - Richmond Precinct 2
    Dozens of potholes both N and S bound. Must drive down the middle of the road to "straddle" them. This is a high traffic road for tankers in and out of DuPont. Please consider re-paving the entire section.
  • 4536 East Seminary Avenue Richmond, VA - Ginter Park
    This tree drops large branches down onto the street (and cars) each time we have a storm. It's already totaled one car on the street.
  • 4537 East Seminary Avenue Richmond, VA - Ginter Park
    This tree has a large limb hanging down that could do serious damage to surrounding property should it fall.
  • Potholes Archived
    5160 Commerce Road Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 2
    Nothing has been done regarding this issue, I have been reporting for 3 full months. Many holes are at least six inches deep, and over 2 feet wide.
  • Interstate 64 Richmond, VA 23230, USA - Henrico County
    There are many bad potholes on 64 east between the Parham Rd. and Staples Mill exits
  • Potholes Archived
    4519 W. Seminary Ave Richmond, VA - Ginter Park
    There are two potholes in front of the house on the east side of the travel lane.
  • 1049-1099 Westbrook Avenue Richmond, VA 23227, USA - Ginter Park
    Standing water / backed up drain. Every time it rains--regardless of the amount of rain--the drain on the southeast corner of E. Seminary and Westbrook backs up. The result is a massive pool of standing water.
  • Muddy mess Acknowledged
    1222 Westminster Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue
    Potholes have been present in the alley between warren and westminster for months and months. It looks like it has been years since the alley was properly graveled and graded. The area behind our property is a muddy mess for several days after a rainstorm. I and neighbours have complained to the city multiple times, but to no effect.
  • Other Archived
    1604 Princeton Road Richmond, VA 23227, USA - Bellevue
    Princeton Creek project issue. City has owed bridge work / compensation to homeowners for 7+ years. Vegetation out of control. Unsafe.
  • 2156-2198 Bryan Park Avenue Henrico, Virginia - Bryan Park
    There are several clogged city storm drains on Bryan Park Ave., specifically at the entrance triangle to the Bryan Parkway neighborhood. (2000-2100 block) Recent rains have flooded Bryan Park Ave and trash/debris constantly collects in these pools.
  • 4524 East Seminary Avenue Richmond, VA 23227, USA - Ginter Park
    Street lite in alley is blinking off and on. Reported it as 4522 east seminary earlier and was notified it had been replaced. It is right on the property line and definitely had not been replaced. Why do we keep getting false reports ? Someone should look into this. Just like our leaves not being picked up and reported that they were
  • 5160 Commerce Road Richmond, VA - Richmond Precinct 2
    It has been close to a month, and we have seen no activity regarding the repair of these large, deep potholes. It is necessary to weave while driving on this stretch of pavement to avoid road conditions.