Crescent Lake Neighborhood

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Crescent Lake Neighborhood Association borders from the the south side of 22nd Avenue North to the north side of 12th Avenue North, from the east of 9th/MLK Street North to the west side of 4th Street North.

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  • 1333-1399 7th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Commission District 7
    The water bowl on the small dog side of the dog park at Crescent Lake Park has an issue with water drainage. Water constantly pools around the bowl, and dogs end up leaving the park covered in mud.
  • 750 21st Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Section 8-6: Construction Site Maintenance
    1. Retaining Soil
    No efforts to retain soil sediment from constant backhoe digging. Soil spills onto adjacent lots, alley, down the alley etc. Sand accumulation down the alley and assume it ends up in city storm drains.
    2. Trash Collection Debris
    Trash and debris littering front and back of property hardly properly stored. Trash/ Debris stored in piles right up to street curb.
    3. Right of way protection
    Has not been sidewalk access for 6+months. Trash/ debris stored where sidewalk used to be right up to curb.
    Photo show sediment spilling out onto alley and with all the rain it has been transported all the way down to Crescent Lake Dr.
  • 1801 Fifth St N Saint Petersburg FL 33704, United States - Commission District 7

    Off of 5th Street on 18th Ave N - between illegal parking and daily trash being dumped the street is barely passable much of the time. Recycle bins left on side of street vs putting back by buildings.

    This a huge disgrace to the Crescent Lake Neighborhood!

    Terrier Properties needs to find a solution to the problem.

    Why would the city allow large trash barrels on an Ave? The issue needs to be raised to the mayor’s action center.

  • 1900 Creacent Lake Drive North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    I share a communal trash can with several different neighbors. We have always had alley pick up since we have lived here for 5 years and put bins have always bin about half way down in the alley. Last night, Our new neighbors decided they didn't like where the trash bin was, even though it is on an alley, and moved it all the way down the alley and on to the street (Crescent Lake Drive and 19th Ave.) Can someone please explain to our neighbors that they do not get to unilaterally and without agreement of everyone, including the sanitation department, move our communal bins because they don't like their placement? We don't want it moved and we dont believe and we should have to walk all the way down the alley because one neighbor has to make "an additional maneuver" with her car to park. Like previously mentioned we have had alley pick up for years without issue until these new neighbors moved in. Thank you.
  • Crescent Lake Park St Petersburg, FL, USA - Commission District 7
    This is not a complaint but rather a huge thank you to stormwater for finally cleaning up Crescent Lake. It is so pleasant to be able to see all of the lake instead of the vegetation that was taking over. Thank you so much for returning Crescent Lake back to the beautiful lake it once was. I also notice there are more birds that are enjoying the lake as well. Kudos to Stormwater for a job well done. The lake looks beautiful, healthy, and like it has come back to life. Please keep it this way.
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    701 12th Ave N Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Commission District 7
    Tennis court at crescent lake park lights not working. Supposed to be on until 10pm
  • suggestion/request Acknowledged
    Crescent Lake Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Crescent Lake Park is such a pretty place and it would be so much better if we had a fountain in the lake. Who makes decisions on what lakes get fountains? Also with all the people that walk/exercise around the lake each day how about putting in some fitness stations around the south end of the park. The type that needs limited maintenance where you use your body weight. Keeping it on the South end would prevent it from becoming more playground equipment.
  • Other Archived
    2015 5th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Vagrants have been sleeping in Crescent Lake Park for the last several nights. They have been sleeping under the trees due east of the playground, along 5th street and 20th avenue north, as well as the large tree at the corner of the park on 5th street and 22nd Avenue North.
  • 1320 5th St N Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Commission District 7
    One of the playground gate locks at Crescent Lake Park is broken. Please replace so little ones don’t escape. ❤️
  • 1565 5th Street North Saint Petersburg, FL 33704, United States of America - Commission District 7
    Fishing allowed at Crescent Lake Park but there is no access due to overgrown weeds in excess vegetation both on the shoreline and in the water
  • 832 13th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Uptown
    Street sweepers have visited my neighborhood several times this year (late spring and late summer) but every time seems to coincide with garbage day for my neighborhood (Cresent Lake). This seems to be an easily resolved scheduling issue with the sanitation department. The sweepers can't get close enough to the curb to do their job effectively when running a gauntlet of garbage cans. Thanks!
  • 1320 5th St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    There are tree branches running along the Crescent Lake Park side of 5th Street North that are flexing the power lines. These branches are in desperate need of being cut back.