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  • West Road New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Roosevelt Island's Meditation Steps is a great place to sit by the East River and watch the boats go by, have a bite to eat, get some sun, think, read a book or just relax. except when there are holes in the wooden planks
  • 3305 Foster Ave Brooklyn, NY 11210, USA - City Council District 45
  • 113th Pl Queens, NY 11375, USA - Nkew Gardens
    I've watched cars get flats and lose their hubcaps from hitting this pothole doing under 30mph. It reappears after every winter and needs to get patched correctly for once.
  • 888 Main Street New York, NY - Roosevelt Island

    Receieved mail on
    From: "Joelle G."
    Subject: Careless Bus Driver
    Date: January 7, 2012 6:33:28 AM EST
    To: RIOC Board of Directors

    Good morning,
    Today on 1/7/12 at approx. 617am, I was picked up by a bus driver at the Octagon. He went down the 102 route & came back up to the 102 bus stop near my building. This was on bus 5, according to th number right near the entryway in the bus and on the outside of the front bus door

    I was getting on the bus and the bus driver closed the door on my hand. He started to drive off as I was not even to my seat first.

    So I said, 'Watch it there. That was my hand.' I didn't say it in a rude way either. He didn't say anything. No 'I'm sorry' or anything.

    What makes matters worse is that I have an apparatus on my knee to help me walk. He didn't even lower the bus when I got on or when I got off.

    I don't know what the deal is with some of your bus drivers but they need to be taught manners and how to deal with people.

    Also, they need to be lowering the bus at all times for everyone, not just for the people who have wheelchairs or strollers. That is another thing that isn't occurring with the bus drivers across the board & I know they don't do it so that they can save time. They need to be putting safety first and most are not doing that.

    Thanks for reading this and please let me know what occurs concerning this situation. I feel that this bus driver needs to be reprimanded & learn how to lower the bus & learn some manners.

    Take care.

    - Joelle G.

  • 563-617 Pacific Street New York, NY - Park Slope

    I reported this for Boerum Hill, but no one is watching those posts AND this is technically a Park Slope issue now. Here is my original post from yesterday:

    For the past three days a man has been collecting trash from the city cans around the area in large black bags. At first he was storing these bags in the nook behind the MTA elevator on the sidewalk at 4th Ave. and Pacific St.

    The MTA cleared out this mound of stuff and either they or the man put it behind the PC Richard building, again on the sidewalk.

    Now he's actually putting his black garbage bags on the top of the garbage can at that corner and waiting for it to fill up with trash so he can then take it and store it behind the building.

    This morning I observed him going through the trash from a small bag and putting it into another bag. He camps out behind the elevator and appears to be keeping more and more stuff there. Litter from his stuff is collecting around the area.

    I've filed a 311 complaint for trash violation and I plan to call today about the "encampment" situation. My husband told a police officer about it on the other side of 4th Ave. this morning and the cop told him that a) it's across the street so not his jurisdiction and b) the man isn't doing anything that's "hazardous".

    How is hoarding large amounts of trash on a public sidewalk not a public health hazard? We already have a rat problem on this block.

    After I wrote this post, here's what happened:
    Update - This man moved all of his stuff in front of our apartment building yesterday afternoon. I filed a homeless person encampment 311 complaint when I saw this after work and our super called the police.

    A few hours later, he moved all back behind the PC Richard building last night. All of the garbage bags and his other items (various carts) were still there this morning - and soaked by the rain, of course.

    So it continues to be an issue. The woman I spoke with from 311 said that it will be handled by the police if they are not responding to an emergency situation. This is totally unsanitary. Like I said before, we have a rat problem on this block due to the proximity of the subway and store dumpsters.
    The area behind PC Richard is often occupied by homeless people who are sleeping and/or relieving themselves on the sidewalk. If the police aren't going to do anything about it, then PC Richard managers should be involved.

  • Any Street Kearny New Jersey - Jackson Heights
    I am writing to express my concern regarding school buses picking up and discharging children from the day care centers in Kearny. Children are pickup up and dropped off at their day cares before and after school.
    On several occasions I have witnessed children loading the buses in the morning ( around 8:00 a.m.) The buses do not have the appropriate lights flashing or bar extended.
    Car and buses pass these buses while children are loading the buses.
    I have witnessed this too many times. I witnessed it again this morning, and want to take action.
    I prefer not to mention the specific location I have witnessed this at, in this post, but I have witnessed it.
    I am asking that this be addressed. Perhaps send an officer to watch. The schools and day care centers (all of them) should be put on notice. I did address this once (somewhat informally) with someone from the Kearny Schools, but it seems that was not enough or perhaps the wrong approach.
    I will contact the Kearny Police, traffic division the Board of Education , and the day care I have seen this happen at, to follow up, but I wanted to get this out there to ask the Town, Board of Education, and Day Care Centers, to help on this issue.
    Thank you for your anticipated help.
  • 109 Christopher Ave 17A Brooklyn, NY 11212, USA - Brownsville
    It's been 2 Days ,I have call 3 times
    to 311,NO hot water , I'm on Disability and need to wash before the aide leaves.
    I called the 24/7 hot line 311 i called and was told no help till Tuesday.That's not good , i can now get an infection , i can boil water but still have to rinse, this is not healthy for me for i can burn myself.
  • 1471 Taylor Avenue - Ridgewood
  • S County Trailway Bronx, NY 10467, USA - Bedford Park
    There has been no heat since Saturday May 8th. I have contacted management as well as the super and still no heat.
  • 265-99 77th Ave Queens, NY 11040, USA - Douglastown-Little Neck
    There is a big pothole on left lane on union turnpike going west! Please watch out! Drove into it yesterday and did not sound nice for the car
  • Bronx River Pkwy Bronx, NY 10467, USA - Williams Bridge
    Car-eating potholes on this street, westbound, just west of Bronx River Parkway exits...worst is closest to the Parkway, but goes all the way to where cars can turn to eastbound lane....3/2/11, has been partially patched...but needs to be watched!
  • 289 Harman St Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Bushwick