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  • W Warrington Ave Pittsburgh, PA - Mount Washington
    The entire section from estella to Bobggston is covered with potholes. Without question this is the worst section in all of Pittsburgh! Please fix it asap!
  • 98 Estella Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Mount Washington
    the owner of the property abandoned and moved away and left the house to be destroyed by drug addicts.
  • MANY HOLES Archived
    603-607 E Warrington Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15210, USA - Allentown
  • 300 E Warrington Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15210, USA - Allentown
    Warrington Avenue from Haberman & Warrington (entrance to South Hill Junction to Arlington Avenue & Warrington - bad potholes the entire length - dangerous, could cause damage to cars and cause accidents!!!!!
  • Phone Menace Archived
    480 Bailey Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15211 - Allentown

    Verizon has a pay phone at the enterence of Grandview Park off Bailey/Beltzhoover that attracts shady characters jumping in and out of cars at all hours of the day.

    The phone is most certinly being used for drug transactions. I'd like to see it removed."

  • 398 William St Pittsburgh, PA 15203 - Mount Washington
    Please fix this road and do not close it! Last time it needed repaired, they just made it a 1 way street instead!
  • Warrington Avenue Pittsburgh, PA - Beltzhoover
    There is no street. It is all pothole
  • 327 Kambach St Pittsburgh, PA 15211, USA - Mount Washington
    327 kambach has been vacant now the grass, bushes etc are now overgrown this is an eyesore. Now Ive noticed kids loafing on the porch and going around back to do god only knows what.
  • Potholes Archived
    876 Lillian St Pittsburgh, PA 15210 - Allentown
    Prettymuch the whole 800 block of Lillian is potholes.
  • Pittsburgh, PA 00 - Allentown
    this shouldn't be park. give it to a developer and get rid of green.
  • 514-538 Arlington Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA - Southside Slopes
    This road is unbelievably rough. there isn't a moment on the drive down to south side that my truck isn't bouncing all over the place. I'm afraid I could get a flat tire and have already experienced alignment damage on my brand new truck. Please help!
  • Liberty Bridge Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA - Southside Flats
    Giant pothole along seam of bridge going towards the city right afer you come out of the Liberty Tunnels.