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City Stadium neighborhood

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    401 Mccloy St Richmond, Virginia - Stadium
    Drug area. Tucked in behind near the intersection of idlewood and mccloy in the woodsy area is a drug pit. Chairs, tents, etc. People doing bad stuff there. Please remove all junk from area, clean up and patrol.
  • 3201 Idlewood Ave Richmond, VA - Stadium

    On the Idlewood overpass between McCloy and S. Sheppard, there is white graffiti on the concrete sides. There are 2 instances; each is maybe 6-8 feet long.

    ***This is NOT private property. This is graffiti on city property. The address used here to report it is the closest marked address. DO NOT SEND A RELEASE FORM TO THAT ADDRESS.***

  • 3225 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Stadium
    There is an abandoned car (blue Volvo with blue tarp) that has been abandoned on the street since June 2016.
  • 3408 Maplewood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Stadium
    We have reached out to this neighbor directly but he has no interest in minimal lawn maintenance. almost the entirety of his lawn is overgrown with noxious weeds. He leaves it this way every single year until the fine City Maintenance folks come along and whack down about 2/3 of it.
  • 3333 Idlewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Stadium
    Vegetation is completely overgrown on the sidewalk of Idlewood Ave, west of Boulevard to at least Freeman. Most vegetation is well over 3 feet high.
  • 3412 Maplewood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Stadium
    This yard is all tall weeds and they also block the sidewalk
  • 3219 Idlewood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Stadium
    This van has been parked in the same spot for over a month. It has plates that expired in 2016
  • 616 S. Nansemond St. Richmond, Virginia - Stadium
    There is a tree located between sidewalk and street in front of 616 S. Nansemond St. that is dying/dead. Tree needs to be removed and replaced.
  • 606 Freeman Rd Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Stadium
    House has been abandoned for years, brush up to2 feet high, boarded up windows. Totally neglected.
  • 400-498 Beaumont Ave Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Stadium
    Abandoned boat illegally parked in the road.
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    3200 Block Idlewood alley, Richmond, Virginia - Stadium
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    Douglas Dale Road Richmond, Virginia - Stadium
    Douglasdale Between Powhite & Byrd Park. The whole
    road could be repaved. Small sections are ok, but there are lots of potholes.
    The intersection when you come off of Powhite onto Douglasdale
    is horrible!