Roxbury Public Works

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The Division of Public Works consists of five (5) operating departments including Roads, Water, Sanitary Sewer, Sanitation/Recycling, and Equipment & Repair. The various departments employ a total of 48 employees including supervisors, foremen, drivers, laborers, equipment operators, sewage treatment plant operators, water facility operators and mechanics.

Notified About

  • Mountain Road-Ledgewood Succasunna, Roxbury, NJ, Roxbury Township, NJ - Roxbury

    Mountain Road (*especially from the beginning@Rt206 to Conklin Rd intersection*), with it's ENORMOUS potholes literally every couple feet, has been inexcusably neglected for years.

    The road has become SO treacherous that there is now no feasible way to avoid the countless potholes. We cannot even swerve around them because they cover BOTH sides of Mountain Road. The street continues to drastically deteriorate each year...and yet, NOTHING GETS DONE to rectify it.

    The extraordinary lack of attention to properly maintain Mountain Rd is absolutely deplorable, not to mention incredibly dangerous to drivers. In fact, a multitude of residents (including myself) have experienced car damage resultant from the road's poor condition.


  • large pothole Archived
    International Drive South Roxbury Township, New Jersey - Roxbury
    as you turn left from Route 206 N at the light there is a large pothole
  • 175 Righter Rd Succasunna, NJ 07876, USA - Succasunna-Kenvil
    Huge potholes on Righter Road. Have seen several cars get flat tires. Please fix ASAP.
  • Commerce Blvd Succasunna, NJ 07876, USA - Roxbury
    Potholes next to the entrance of The learning experience Day care center.
  • Potholes Archived
    Lakeside Blv Roxbury Township, New Jersey - Roxbury
    There are many large potholes on lakeside boulevard in Roxbury nj. Especially in front of landing park!
  • Little Lane Roxbury, NJ - Roxbury
    The section of road after the RR tracks but before Mill is terrible! Pothole patchwork does terrible job to car's alignment!
  • 27 Tamarack Drive Roxbury Township, NJ - Succasunna-Kenvil
    The sidewalk has raised 4-6 inches and is a serious hazard. This condition has existed for over a year, even after numerous attempts to notify town to repair.
  • Pothole Archived
    817 Us Hwy 46 NJ 07847 - Roxbury
    There is a pothole on the bridge by the light by the Hercules Rd/N Hillside Ave intersection. This pothole is on the east bound side near the double yellow lines.
  • 20 Mary Louise Ave Ledgewood, NJ 07852, USA - Roxbury
    There Are TONS of potholes around Righter Road and Mary Louise Ave- especially by Walmart!
  • 155 Landing Rd Landing, NJ 07850, USA - Roxbury
    Potholes from Landing Ramp to Rt 80E
  • 6 Cindy Drive succasunna, nj - Succasunna-Kenvil
    Snow Plows ripped a big section towards the end of our driveway! Every year, they do the same thing. Why do they have to drive so close to my driveway???? They should be responsible for the repairs.
  • County Rd 616 Landing, NJ 07850, USA - Roxbury
    This is one of the worst roads in the area, surface is very bad.