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  • Durham Road Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    Calvin Jones and Old 98 left turn signal rarely works.
  • Forgotten Pond Off Of Heritage View Wake Forest North Carolina - Wake Forest

    Epcon (919-815-9987) development company of a new community off Roger's Road is causing water pollution to Forgotten Pond, Heritage Community. Pollution is detrimental to aquatic life. It is limiting sunlight penetration into pond. Pollution can cause negative effects on ecosystem affecting not only aquatic life but increased bacteria to pond. Dead fish have been seen.

    Requesting Epcon remediation to polluted water. Sampling should be tested from pond. Epcon should apply Eco-safe chemicals and water fountain aeration as soon as possible to rectify damage incurred to another community's property.

    3/21/16 Update: Epcon is considering options and not to expect overnight remediation. -per Eric Keravuoir, Town Wake Forest (919-435-9441.)

    Requesting issue to marked to to "OPEN" not closed as no actions of remediation has been taken. Requesting NC DEQ (Division of Environmental Quality) become involved (919-791-4200) to help ensure that the safeguarding Forgotten Pond be prioritized.

  • Ligon Mill / Steeple Run Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    Please consider joining the two sidewalks over the railroad crossing on Ligon Mill for safe + easy access for joggers and walkers.
  • 120 S Wingate Street Wake Forest, NC - Wake Forest

    This section of Wingate Street which is located between North Avenue and Durham Road has multiple problems. First, it is a safety hazard because it is stretches through the middle of a college campus with a high volume of student traffic; established in 1834, the automobile traffic has long ago superceded the safety of students. Second, the road is long overdue for repaving; the cement pavement needs to be roughed and then given an asphalt surface. Third, the Double-Yellow (no passing) center lines are worn away; cars are constantly crossing over their designated lane into the on-coming traffic. Fourth, cars are parking on the east side of the road, but the parking spaces are not clearly marked, so cars are often poking out into the north bound lane of traffic. Fifth, the Speed Limit should be lowered to 15 MPH instead of the 25 MPH, because it runs through the middle of a college campus (very similar to a Mall Parking Lot). Sixth, during the Summer session, the YMCA is allowed to park a full-sized school bus in a circular area along the road, and this seriously obstructs the visibility of the YMCA youth and the college students, another serious safety issue.

    It is my opinion that this road needs to be re-engineered by the highway department (state, county, or local town) whoever is responsible, so that the safety of the YMCA youth and SEBTS college students becomes a top priority.

    I have lived in the Town of Wake Forest for 10 years. I drive through this section of road a minimum of 4 times a day. My familiarity makes me very aware of the hazard that is presented by this section of road.

    Thank you for your assistance with my request.

  • speeding!!! Acknowledged
    North Main St Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest

    I live near & walk frequently on N. Main & notice MANY speeders going both north & south....even though the lower speed limits have changed. Could a " flashing...your speed" sign be used to slow folks down? It seemed to work well on Durham Rd. to slow cars on the hills by the golf course!

    Something needs to be.done before someone/ child gets hurt. Thanks for any efforts that will help.

  • Glencoe Road Wake Forest, NC - Wake Forest
    Need speed bumps/humps installed on glencoe road. Traffic moves much faster than the posted 20mph speed in the neighborhood.
  • Intersection Us1 And Us1a Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    The right lane backup of US1 crossing traffic to New Falls of the Neuse could be reduced by making the middle lane an alternate straight through OR left turn, rather than just a left turn lane. Daily I see drivers using the left lane then suddenly going straight to avoid the traffic backup. There have been several "close calls" for accident avoidance by the straight through drivers, who have patiently waited through several stop light cycles to traverse that intersection. The recommended change should provide a short term solution until the intersection can be rebuilt.
  • 1100-1128 U.S. 1 Alternate Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    I reported this last month. Forward green light going S. on S. Main only lets 2-3 cars through intersection before it turns orange. Left turn light is ok. This happens on Sat. evening - I don't know if it does that all the time. Traffic from St. Catherine's causes heavy traffic and the light makes it much worse.
  • 612 Whistable Ave Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    Commercial vehicles double-parked at end of street. Street being used for vehicle storage: Dumptruck and trailer with car on top have not moved for more than 1 year.
  • Other Archived
    3600 Rogers Road Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA - Wake Forest
    The light pattern is very confusing when on Rogers road going northbound. When lights turn green, the left hand lane to turn shows a yellow arrow. I often see people going as the light changes color, but oncoming traffic from the opposite direction can cause an accident. The left-hand lane should remain read for a few seconds and change after The main lights turn green, not at the same time.
  • Capital Blvd Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    This guy is breaking at least four city ordinances. He needs stopped. HE is going to end up hurt or dead or someone else is.
  • 421 North Main Street Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA - Wake Forest
    I'm confused as to why the northbound section of N. Main St. sidewalk was not completed before the southbound section construction was started. People use the sidewalk every single day and we rely on this for transportation and exercise. Please finish at least one section so that we can start using the sidewalk again.