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  • Pinellas Park Palmview Ave, Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Belleair
    Sidewalk at Osceola & Palmview is always wet regardless of rainfall. The water traps dirt & debris and then becomes slippery. Something needs to be done about the drainage on the adjacent lot. This is a safety hazard.
  • Good Ideas Archived
    30 Evonaire Cir Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    A number of power pole guide/support wires are loose and tangling perhaps someone should dial up Duke Energy and see what the reasoning is behind this gaff going into the storm season
  • 1300-1354 Pinellas Rd Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Belleair
    The empty lot at approx 1345 Pinellas rd. Ongoing problem overgrown grass and weeds.
    Approx 5 months ago owner had several trees taken down. One large stump approx 4.5 feet tall was left directly next to my property line.(1301 Pinellas rd.) Stump is now a host of several vermin. Requesting town to notify owner to have this ongoing problem taken care of.
    This problem not only effects the aesthetics of my home and the other neighbors but the overall appearance of the town. Also property value.
    Sean O'Donnell
  • 22 S Pine Cir Belleair 33756, United States - Belleair
    Significant flooding during this last storm. Please check inlets and boxes.
  • 221 Ocala Rd Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Belleair
    Street light is out in front of 221 Ocala and the entire intersection of Ponce and Ocala.
  • 346 Barbara Cir Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    parking on grass
  • 204 Osceola Rd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair

    Earlier this week an underground repair crew hired by the town to repair the street lights along Osceola actually shut them off.

    Osceola/Rosery towards Manatee.

  • 301 Orlando Rd Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Belleair
    Lawn mower is stored on resident’s front porch. Has been there for at least a month.
  • 1703 Cypress Ave Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    The owner of 1703 Cypress Ave has a pool in her back yard that is breeding mosquitoes. They are thick in the yard next door and in the adjoining condominium complex. The pool needs to be properly cleaned and chlorinated.
  • 310 Barbara Cr Clearwater, Florida - Belleair
    broken electrical box on side of home
  • 14 De Soto Pl Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Belleair
    Street Light out
  • 715-721 Ponce De Leon Blvd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    3 small potholes