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Watching issues created after: 2015-07-24

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  • 303 Sunny Ln Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    Tree limbs are laying/pushing down on the wires going across Sunny Lane.
  • 1361 Pinellas Rd Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    The above house is HUD owned.Has been empty for several months.High grass,weeds, tree branches,shutters have fallen off or are hanging. Homes like this greatly effect the overall value of the neighboring homes and of the entire town of Belleair.
  • 628 Pineland Ave Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    During the hurricane, a tree fell over Mehlenbacher from the north side blocking traffic. It was cut up promptly, but the debris is piled up near the corner of Pineland and Mehlenbacher, which blocks the view of westbound Mehlenbacher traffic for cars trying to turn off of Pineland Ave. It is on the Belleair side of the Mehlenbacher; if it's not Belleair's responsibility to clear the debris, please contact the county and get them to move it before someone gets killed.
  • 204 Osceola Road Belleair, Florida - Belleair

    The street lights from 200 Osceola to Manate, on the south side of the road are out again. They have been out for weeks.

    This is the third time this repair has been requested, as prior repairs have not held up.

  • 1602 Magnolia Rd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    house has many cars and parking on the lawn
  • 201-319 Roebling Rd N Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    This corner vegetation has been over grown and neglected for years. Now after the hurricane debris and tree stumps make the corner and down the block look terrible. Weeds are overflowing on street. Trees are falling and overgrown and the entire area looks terrible. There is a creek below that needs landscaping and proper vegetation for correct drainage and appropriate Belleair visual acceptance.
  • 632 Mehlenbacher Rd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    Debri from Irma is still sitting in the culvert in between 632 Mehlenbacher and Pineland. Debri is broken glass, trash, clothing items and tree debri.
  • 807 Ponce De Leon Blvd Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Belleair
  • 710 Ponce De Leon Blvd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
  • Belleair FL, USA - Belleair
  • 209 Coe Rd Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    Two satellite dishes were installed 2/17/2018 is o he front of the roof. Visible from the street.
  • 465 Poinsettia Road Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    The street light in front of our home at 465 Poinsettia has been out for almost a week. Can we please get this fixed.