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  • 20 S. Pine Cir Belleair 33756 United States - Belleair
    The stench at this property from the porta potty is disgusting. The hot weather exacerbates what we have been dealing with for over 18 months. This needs to be cleaned and sanitized much more often than it currently is.
  • Good Ideas Archived
    900-970 Indian Rocks Rd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    I would highly consider the town of Belleair to consider adding a bike lane to the northern portion of Indian rocks Road. We live at 725 Indian Rocks Rd. and every morning we see numerous bikers. The problem persist when car is traveling southbound or northbound try to swerve around the bikers into incoming traffic. Especially southbound when drivers have to swerve around riders only while heading up a hill and not being able to see oncoming traffic. With the increased traffic from the pelican club in Belleview Place I would highly suggest a bike lane to reduce liability and injuries in the future. Kurt Schwahn 727.331.0437
  • Environmental Archived
    252 Pine Rd Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    There appears to be a leak in the gravity sanitary sewer main line that has caused an open void on the surface. This void is a fall hazard.
  • 632 Mehlenbacher Rd. Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    Water standing in her back yard & also in the golf course behind home. Thought there could possibly be a storm drain blocked.
  • 344 Barbara Cir Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Belleair
    parking on grass
  • 1726 Laurie Ln Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    raccoon at front door at my neighbor's house 5:30
  • Pinellas Park Palmview Ave, Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Belleair
    Sidewalk at Osceola & Palmview is always wet regardless of rainfall. The water traps dirt & debris and then becomes slippery. Something needs to be done about the drainage on the adjacent lot. This is a safety hazard.
  • 631 Mehlenbacher Rd Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770, USA - Commission District 5
    Trash and debris at corner of pineland and mehlenbacher road
  • 8 Hibiscus Rd Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Belleair
    Consistent speeding on Hibiscus Rd. Many kids playing outside with no sidewalks. Very dangerous.
  • 202-204 Belleview Blvd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    Large sprinkler at the bcc is shooting onto belleview blvd. Reclaimed water is horrible for car finishes. Can you have them check all their large sprinklers please. There was one on irr as well.
  • 715-721 Ponce De Leon Blvd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    3 small potholes
  • Palmetto/Ocala Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    Two lights out, one I/S of Ocala/Ponce de Leon and the first one west of Ponce on Ocala.