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  • 1701 Cypress Ave Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    Looking east you cannot see traffic coming westbound on Poinsettia Rd due to over grown tree.
  • 1013 10th Ave Nw Largo, Florida - Largo
    I have been requesting enforcement from the city of Largo code enforcement regarding wet leaves layered with construction debris at 1007 10th Ave NW where the property borders our home. The condition has existed for at least 8 years. I have reported it 3 times. The mosquito bites are becoming increasingly worse.
    Please see previous requests for this address. What is required to have the area sprayed and potential source cleaned up??
    Thank You.
    Kelley Mason
  • 221 Ocala Rd Belleair 33756 United States - Belleair
    The street lights are out AGAIN in front of this residence and the intersection of Ocala and Ponce de Leon. This is the 3rd time in the last two months! Please fix them so they continue to operate regularly!!!
  • 1703 Cypress Ave Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    The owner of 1703 Cypress Ave has a pool in her back yard that is breeding mosquitoes. They are thick in the yard next door and in the adjoining condominium complex. The pool needs to be properly cleaned and chlorinated.
  • 701 Poinsettia Rd Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Belleair
    Turning into main entrance of belleair Forest condos at 701 poinsettia road the bushes on the right going back along the west side of the condo are in the wires. These bushes and wires are right above a drainage ditch. I mention this to property Management who said I should notify you. Seems like a lot of bushes in the wires now that hurricane season is upon us.
  • 204 Osceola Rd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair

    Earlier this week an underground repair crew hired by the town to repair the street lights along Osceola actually shut them off.

    Osceola/Rosery towards Manatee.

  • 1451 S Fort Harrison Ave Clearwater 33756, United States - Clearwater
    Signal heads too close
  • 1726 Laurie Ln Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    raccoon at front door at my neighbor's house 5:30
  • 202-204 Belleview Blvd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    Large sprinkler at the bcc is shooting onto belleview blvd. Reclaimed water is horrible for car finishes. Can you have them check all their large sprinklers please. There was one on irr as well.
  • Palmetto/Ocala Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    Two lights out, one I/S of Ocala/Ponce de Leon and the first one west of Ponce on Ocala.
  • 631 Mehlenbacher Rd Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770, USA - Commission District 5
    Trash and debris at corner of pineland and mehlenbacher road
  • Good Ideas Archived
    1700 Peaceful Avenue Belleair, FL 33756, United States of America - Belleair
    This dead end sign on Peaceful and Rosery is falling over. I was able to lift it up since it's not deep and/or cemented. I'm worried it will fall on my children.