Society Hill

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Watching issues created after: 2015-07-29

Issues within the Society Hill Civic Association boundaries.

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  • 600 S Washington Sq Philadelphia PA 19106, USA - Society Hill

    Depression fills with water from fountain

    Not repaired 10/27/2011
    Not repaired 11/25/12

  • 718 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill
    Approximately approximately 1 year ago, a contractor dug up the sidewalk in front of the house at 718 Pine Stree and plasced a fence around it, so that pedestrians must walk into the street. Construcytion activity has been almost nonexistent. Three calls to city authorities over the past 5 months have resulted in no change. This is a dangerous and unsightly condition.
  • Pine And Spruce On The East Side Of Broad Street Especially. - Society Hill
    Deplorable condition of the Pine and Spruce bike lanes especially the east side of Broad Street. The road surface is beyond terrible. I was told by Councilman DiCicco that the streets were to be repaced last Spring. What's up with that?
  • 242-268 S 6th St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Society Hill
    Left from Phila Marathon
  • 490 S 4th St Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill
    4th street between Pine and Lombard, the east lane of traffic was removed to add parking spots, however the painted directionals on the asphalt as well as the signs that indicate the turning lanes were never changed.
  • 218 S 4th St Philadelphia, PA 19106 - Society Hill
    On the right side of the right lane. The manhole is a bit sunken and the pavement has wrinkled a bit. Doesn't look bad, but I hit it this morning and it tore a hole in my oil pan. Tow + $500. Watch out.
  • 256 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA 19106 - Society Hill
    There is an extremely large ditch on the left side of the road, and a smaller one with an elevated patch that is extremely dangerous. High enough to scrape the bottom of a car, or throw a person off their bicycle.
  • 508 Lombard Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill
    Franklin Light at the top of the pole at 508 Lombard Street is missing
  • Sunken Manhole Acknowledged
    476 Lombard St Philadelphia, PA 19147 - Society Hill
    There is a sunken manhole in the left side of the right lane at the intersection of 5th and Lombard
  • 730 Pine St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Society Hill
    Pot hole has been patched but not sealed
  • Noisy manhole cover Acknowledged
    500 Pine St Philadelphia PA - Society Hill
    The manhole cover at the intersection of Pine & S. 5th Street makes a loud clanging noise when vehicles cross over it... hundreds of times a day, and through the night as well. People throughout the neighborhood hear this noise in their homes. The cover needs to be secured.
  • 228 Stamper St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Society Hill
    Stampers Street has not been plowed.