Society Hill

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Issues within the Society Hill Civic Association boundaries.

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  • 210 Locust Street 2a, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Society Hill
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 225 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill
    Tree roots have deformed the top manhole cover and street inlet. This tree & roots will be removed in the coming months and the sidewalk rebuilt; Our hope is that - coinciding with these repairs - that The Streets Dept can fix the manhole cover portion and rebuild the street inlet.
    If this is a possibility, can we coordinate with the city for when the sidewalk is torn up?
  • Washington Sq & Locust St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Society Hill
    West Washington Square between Locust and Walnut is a disgrace, and should be re-paved, especially since it is right near Penn and Jefferson Hospitals.
  • 212 Lombard Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Society Hill
    Bus #5800 sat idling for over 10 minutes at 7:20 pm 4/23/2015.
  • Society Hill Philadelphia, PA, USA - Society Hill
    There is a large pothole here going across the street, needs to be fixed asap!
  • 702 Locust St Philadelphia, PA 19107 - Society Hill
    Drivers are not expecting to stop in this area and commonly do not see either of the large stop signs. The cross walk is faded and would definitely help to create a safer situation for pedestrians, especially considering the heavy traffic along here if it was repainted/brighter. I have seen a number of cars slam on their breaks or drive through. Thanks!
  • 241 S 3rd Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Society Hill
    Graffiti on street side of lamppost
  • 601 S Washington Sq Philadelphia, PA 19106 - Society Hill
    every weekday around 6 pm, shuttle drivers run engine on breaks--20 minutes +
  • Columbus Blvd & Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Riverfront
    Penn's Landing intersection on Columbus
  • 704 Lombard St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Society Hill
    Graffiti on brick wall at 702-704 Lombard St.
  • Columbus Blvd & Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Riverfront
    Just after previous pothole
  • 412 Lombard St Philadelphia, PA - Society Hill
    old spruce tree uprooted