Vassar Park

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Vassar Park

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  • 1714 Frazer Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
  • 1539 Logan Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    This property was previously reported & archived - Issue ID:
    1025644. The photos were taken July 10, 2014. Don't know if the business is still being run from this home BUT there remains unsightly construction tools (ladder, etc.) and debris in the backyard.
  • Other Archived
    231 15th St Nw Canton 44703, United States - Canton
    @ 222 15th St. NW Canton, Ohio 44703
    Self appointed neighborhood watch became a thing a while ago, however, one particular new addition has taken it upon himself to stalk neighbors, families, and children. He drives this white mini van alarmingly slow while staring at neighborhood children. Unless there has been a valid background check done on these self appointed “security guards”, this is extremely inappropriate. It is making many families feel uncomfortable, defeating the purpose of neighborhood watch. He introduces himself to residences as Vassar Park Security. This mask of authority gives citizens, especially young children, the illusion of safety when there is no true authorization involved. If anything, this false sense of trust is more harmful than no security whatsoever. I’d like to believe that Canton Police Department is all the security we need in this neighborhood. I hope to see this resolved as soon as possible.
  • 1539 Logan Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The owner of 1539 logan nw has company truck, trailers, and employee cars all over logan ave, most of the time residents can't even park near their homes because of 8 to 13 cars get parked for his business.they block the alley, Carmen Ct, for an hour or so every morning.the city ordered a cleanup of the property, and all they did was pile trash on trailers an let it sit in the back yard.why is he allowed to run his business out of his home.this is not commercial property
  • Health Hazard Archived
    1528 Vassar Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    The Garage at the rear of this property is falling over. There are young children who live in and around this property. The roof is caving in and the sides are being held up with asphalt roofing paper. There is also a large brush pile and random debris strewn throughout the yard.
  • 1749 Market Ave N Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Guess we're back to holding their hands .... Let's get this cleaned up ... and that doesn't mean take it over to the vacant lot behind 117 17th NE .... This also means don't load the dumpster so far over the top that the driver won't take it either :) This has sat here long enough now without them taking care of it on their own. Burick & Burns .... PLEASE .... let's keep our neighborhood looking nice :)
  • 601-607 18th St Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton

    A neighbor reports that this property, located in the 600 block of 18th Street NW in Canton, has been a problem for years. Is this property on the tear down list or can the landlord /owner be forced to take responsibility? Also reports of the building being broken into - definitely not good for the neighborhood.

    Please help!!! Thanks!

  • 228 17th Street Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton

    I am re-opening this issue for the 2nd time (3rd post) regarding the overgrown city right-of-way behind 228 17th NW. The city's last response was "When arrived on site, owner @ 221 16th ST NW was finishing up the cleaning of this area.."

    The private citizen mentioned cleared the first 10-12 feet of the city right-of-way in question. The remaining 50 feet remains overgrown with brush that is now waist high. The brush is too high and too thick for a string trimmer or mower. I am still requesting the city bring a Bobcat to clear the brush and then lay down a thick bed of gravel (or blacktop) to keep the brush from growing back. If we get a dry spell, this brush could become a fire hazard, esp. since from time to time we have seen signs (empty beer cans, abandoned duffle bags with clothes) that suggest there might be people hanging out in the alley that be careless with a lit cigarette. I waited 3-4 weeks to re-open this to make sure that the 16th owner was not going to clear any more (which I would not expect him to do). I think a Bobcat and a load of gravel would fix this problem and keep it fixed for a long time.

  • 1539 Logan Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton
    every day this guy comes home with trash an used building materials from his own construction business and dumps this trailer full of trash in his backyard and trash blows everywhere.we are tired of looking at a trash dump in our backyards
  • 1749 Market Ave N Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Could code do an exterior inspection of this complex please. Gutters are falling down and full. The stairs leading up on both sides need checked for tenant safety (above and below). Also the front porch railings are in deplorable condition. Thank you :) Can an interior inspection be done also since this is a large apt unit to insure the unit is up to code for the tenants? Let's keep on improving Vassar Park Neighborhood :)
  • Humphrey Court Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    These potholes keep reappearing every six months and is wear and tear on vehicles who must travel the small city road to get to their homes. While it would be much appreciate to have them fixed, it would be more reliable to replace the street.
  • Health Hazard Archived
    1624 Frazer Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton

    Falling Bricks From Chimney........................these bricks narrowly missed my wife and I sat morning at 6:45am there are 3 20lb raccoons that live here at this house ......I filed a complaint before for the raccoons and now they are knocking bricks from roof line..................
    this is not to be closed until addressed properly!!!!!!!
    I have also contacted my homeowners ins comp. and attorney to file against anyone who stands in the way of us living a peaceful and happy life we deserve
    Fwd building dept., C.D. Health dept, Mayors office as well as council

    gutters are not collecting and diverting water either which lets water fill my driveway up
    please demo this property as been on demo list for awhile