Wake Forest, NC Area

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Greater Wake Forest, North Carolina

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  • 1488 N White Street Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    Pothole near 1488 N white St needing repair
  • Green Elm Ln/ Forest Pines Dr Raleigh, North Carolina - North
    Deceased deer at the corner near the elementary school
  • 2012 Purnell Road Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    My wife complained today (January 3, 2019) that twice in the past week that tractor trailers drove, at full speed, through a red light at the intersection on Rt. 1 (and Harris Road). She said they passed her car (she was slowing down because of the red light) and the semi' didn't and, a couple of seconds after the light turned red, the semi' continued through the intersection. If this isn't prevented it is certain a 30 + mile/hour collision will happen at that intersection (and/or the one just south on Rt 1). We need some troopers there to give tickets: tomorrow.
  • 1110 Capital Boulevard Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    The Capital Blvd / Purnell Road Street sign is down in the median of Capital Blvd.
  • 1357-1399 North White Street Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    There are many potholes from Hunters Crossing to Sedgefield Park going southbound on White St.
  • Traditions Grande Blvd Wake Forest, NC, 27587, USA - Wake County
    The bushes in the roundabout are too high and it is hard to see traffic coming down Traditions Grande Blvd. Not being able to see the traffic could cause an accident.
  • Sign Issue Acknowledged
    11550 Common Oaks Dr Raleigh, NC, 27614, USA - North
    The street sign at the intersection of Common Oaks Dr and Capital Blvd is missing, and has been for a long time! It's very easy to miss this street because of it. Please replace it!
  • 3221 Mountain Hill Dr Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    We have a dead tree behind our house at 3221 Mountain Hill Dr., Wake Forest
  • 7900-7916 Thompson Mill Road Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    There is a very large dead tree on the side of Thompson Mill Rd almost directly across from the left turn onto Avinshire Pl. This tree is large enough to crush a passing car and will definitely pose a threat at some point if it is not remove. It appears to lean slightly towards the road.
  • Heritage Branch Rd At Mountain Hill Dr Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    Street Sign is Down
  • Pothole Archived
    11210 Common Oaks Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - North
    There is a large pothole at Common Oaks Dr. and Pope's Creek Dr.
  • 132 W Vernon Ave Wake Forest 27587, United States - Wake Forest
    Purple house lady with U shaped driveway please shut them up. Have consideration for people around you.