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Greater Wake Forest, North Carolina

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  • 1024 Wilts Dairy Point Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    This morning alone-
    from 7 am til after 10 am, now, barking dog, left alone in yeard. Always locked out of house from sun up til 8 pm. Went on all ast year from march thru Oct. happening again. HOA has sent letters. Neighbors try to talk, nothing happens, this poor puppy is mistreated and we cant take the constant barking and crying all weekday, all evening and this goes on all weekend too, Husband is not amicable. pls help
  • Stormwater Archived
    329 Dimock Way Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    IThere is what looks like an old construction fence behind the houses in Heritage Landing along Hammond Oak Lane on the Wake Forest open-space property that is damming up water.
  • Vicious Dog Archived
    607 N Main St Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA - Wake Forest
    There is a vicious dog (black lab) on the 600 block of N. Main St. This dog's owners were asked to stop taking it to the town dog park and it has bitten one person already. The owner's are NOT careful to keep this dog confined or leashed, so Main St. walkers and neighbors should be warned.
  • W. Holding Avenue Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    as to why St. Catherine of the Sienna Church was allowed a permit to upgrade the church/private school from a large one to a enormous one in our neighborhood? Prior to the mega church being built I had already dealt with problems for years (parents racing to drop off their kids at top speeds - while mine are on the sidewalk waiting for bus) and ten minute waits to get out of my driveway. Since the expansion I have literally been held hostage in my neighborhood for up to 15 minutes while the church lets out and not one person will let me out or into my driveway. And if I am trying to come into my home via Tyler Run and need to make a left at the stop sign I may as well turn my car off for 10 minutes while one car after another goes by. I don't mind the church in the neighborhood. I do mind that it has expanded to such of a large facility and that the members are not courteous to those of us who live here. Next time the town votes on building expansions you really need to take the impact such of an expansion will have onto the neighborhood. Prior to the expansion a person came to my door very excited about the upgrade. I expressed my concerns as I already schedule my trips around church hours and they assured me that they were going to have an additional exit added so that W. Holding wouldn't be "off limits" and unusable during church hours. That has not happened. This is more of a vent then anything - but also a reminder to those who frequently go through other neighborhoods to be courteous. .
  • Litter Archived
    Whistable Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    garbage and wood left on east end of Whistable Ave. Also looks like open burning has been taking place and creating potential fire hazard for nearby woods.
  • E. Juniper St. Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    There are several locations where the contents of abandoned (?) houses have been dumped at the curb for pickup. some of it is in the street. Police drive by, trash pickup drives by and no one does anything. Its been there for 3 months at least. Its a health issue for the children walking by.
  • Site Distance Archived
    1017 Coram Fields Road Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    There are shrubs and overgrown grass spilling out onto the street making site distance difficult at this intersection.
  • Accidents Archived
    Hwy 98 Wake Forest, NC - Wake Forest
    I've been in two severe accidents on hwy 98 due to the complete ignorance of two other drivers not paying ANY ATTENTION to the road. My body is taking a toll. This is inexcusable.
    From the intersection of 98 and Retail Drive to 98 and Jones Dairy Rd. needs to have the consistency of officers patrolling and ticketing those who take driving for granted. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I've been told by an acquaintance that she nor her sister ever drive in this area for the same reason for the have been hit also. I'm sure there are others feeling the same. This area needs to be made safe for the innocent.
  • 1000 Autumn Meadow Ln. Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    I've been living 7 months in my home that is adjacent to the undeveloped areas on Autumn Meadow Ln. and brought this concern to the property management and builder's attention numerous times. The area needs to be cleaned up and maintained.
  • Walmart Side Exit Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest

    trees limbs/leaves block the STOP sign at that 3 way intersection

    two bad pot holes also( not in photo)

    also sign is very faded

  • Heritage Lake Rd Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    1113 Heritage Greens Drive. Since 2010 the unfinshed greenway has made my yard a river any time there comes a heavy rain. It does not have to rain a lot for this to happen. My husband had found the issue to be lack of proper drainage starting four homes up stream. It has been reported many times with excuses given. If this was your property I bet you would be upset as well. This needs to be address ASAP.
  • 1817 South Main Street Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest

    The Right Turn only markings on Main Street (to turn on to Rogers Rd) start too late. Too often, cars are stuck in the Right Turn Only lane, trying to merge into the left lane which continues through the Rogers Rd intersection.

    Is it possible to get an additional Right Arrow painted on the road after the last entrance to the Factory/BBT bank?