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Greater Wake Forest, North Carolina

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  • 1429 Reynolds Mill Rd Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    Concerned about too many cars parked on both sides of street obstructing driver views and preventing emergency vehicles access. I don’t understand why this homeowner is having guests park on the street when there is a parking lot at the neighborhood clubhouse within very short walking distance.
  • Street sign Archived
    Sugar Maple Ave Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    The STOP sign on Sugar Maple at Franklin St id completely obscured by tree limbs, creating a dangerous situation.
  • Accidents Archived
    Hwy 98 Wake Forest, NC - Wake Forest
    I've been in two severe accidents on hwy 98 due to the complete ignorance of two other drivers not paying ANY ATTENTION to the road. My body is taking a toll. This is inexcusable.
    From the intersection of 98 and Retail Drive to 98 and Jones Dairy Rd. needs to have the consistency of officers patrolling and ticketing those who take driving for granted. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I've been told by an acquaintance that she nor her sister ever drive in this area for the same reason for the have been hit also. I'm sure there are others feeling the same. This area needs to be made safe for the innocent.
  • 1356 Catrush Way Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    Our entire neighborhood has had yard waste, e.g. limbs, leaves, etc. waiting to be collected for more than two weeks.
    Did the collection schedule change?
  • 3433 Rogers Road Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    I am requesting to have two signs stating "Do Not Block Crosswalk" installed, one next to each crosswalk at the intersection of Rogers rd. and S. Franklin st. I have witnessed multiple close calls of students almost getting hit by cars at this intersection because they have to go between or around stopped cars in the crosswalk. Better yet, there is already a "No turn on red" sign but that does not stop anyone from doing same. How about sending an Officer to stand there for a few days and issue citations since both are illegal? Let's be proactive with this and not wait for a child to be injured or worse killed before action is taken.
  • Heritage Lake Rd Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    1113 Heritage Greens Drive. Since 2010 the unfinshed greenway has made my yard a river any time there comes a heavy rain. It does not have to rain a lot for this to happen. My husband had found the issue to be lack of proper drainage starting four homes up stream. It has been reported many times with excuses given. If this was your property I bet you would be upset as well. This needs to be address ASAP.
  • 1817 South Main Street Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest

    The Right Turn only markings on Main Street (to turn on to Rogers Rd) start too late. Too often, cars are stuck in the Right Turn Only lane, trying to merge into the left lane which continues through the Rogers Rd intersection.

    Is it possible to get an additional Right Arrow painted on the road after the last entrance to the Factory/BBT bank?

  • Durham Road Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    Left hand traffic light from Durham road turning east onto 98 can stay red for up to 10-15 minutes, multiple cycles.
  • 641 Flaherty Ave Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest

    The students are not respectful to the residents that live in the area. The continue to play very loud music, speeding, blocking driveways and littering. I’ve been a resident since 2000 and I work from home on some days and the school has failed to respond to our complaints. I look forward into someone looking into these issues at once.

    Kind Regards,

  • Cobble Hill Bed & Biscuit Dog Kennel Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest

    Our neighborhood backs up to the Cobble Hill Bed & Biscuit dog kennel. We recognize that there will be a certain amount of noise from normal kennel operations. However, in multiple email exchanges with the owners (who do not live in town), we have been told that they do not let the dogs out before 7am or after about 7pm. Yet, we regularly hear dogs outside in the runs barking until 11pm at night. Additionally, we hear music playing from the kennel all night. And, we hear them let the dogs out as early as 5:45am some mornings. We can hear the dogs inside our home, over our television and wakes us at times. When we report this, Wake Forest says it's a county issue. Wake County says it's a town issue. No one will address it.

    Additionally, from what I understand their waste removal system is not one that would pass code under today's standards, but they are "grandfathered in" to the system they have - which is just a drainage pond that collects at the back of their property. The smell is horrific, and we have been told that if this was a new business, this type of waste system would not be approved.

    I understand they've been here for decades, but seems like something could be done to keep the peace at night, and address the waste. Any help navigating the black hole of "not my territory" would be appreciated. The owners have become unresponsive, despite all communications being very cordial.

  • 700-798 S White St Wake Forest, NC, 27587, USA - Wake Forest
    This debris has been in the street for a few weeks. Could someone please haul it away. Maybe also include the basketball hoop across the street for a long time. The street contractor was using the adjacent area to park equipment and pulled the hoop out but when they finished they threw it back in the bushes.
  • W Oak St At Joyner Bluff Dr Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    There are two 35 mph speed limit signs still up after the speed limit was reduced to 25 mph. It is confusing to motorists.