Wake Forest, NC Area

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Greater Wake Forest, North Carolina

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  • 554 S Main St Wake Forest 27587, United States - Wake Forest
    Looking left blocked by bushes when pulling into S main st. Please cut them back.
  • pothole Archived
    Holding Ave Post Office Wake Forest, NC - Wake Forest
    Pothole going into the wake forest post office
  • 1310 Doctor Calvin Jones Highway Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA - Wake Forest
    The light at highway 98 and Main Street is set very poorly and overly long for Main Street versus 98 causing traffic to back up on 98 when it really should not
  • Walmart Side Exit Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest

    trees limbs/leaves block the STOP sign at that 3 way intersection

    two bad pot holes also( not in photo)

    also sign is very faded

  • North Carolina 98 Wake Forest , North Carolina - Wake Forest
    When driving on Highway 98 East to West, going westbound, at Franklin Street and at the intersection of 98 and Main Street and Alternate 1, the traffic is severely backed up in the mornings. This is a bypass and the traffic lights are set up as if these are in town secondary roads. When turning onto the side roads there is no traffic on side roads because the traffic signals Stay Green for a long time as opposed to the signal for Highway 98 bypass. This is irregular for this type of highway. Please fix the situation.
    It took me 11 minutes to turn onto alt. 1 from hwy 98 (@ Lidl). This truly is ridiculous and dangerous. This is a 55 mile bypass. The lights are set up as if you're in a 25 mile zone. Very dangerous as speeds are high then suddenly cut off short in short intervals.
  • W Oak St At Joyner Bluff Dr Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    There are two 35 mph speed limit signs still up after the speed limit was reduced to 25 mph. It is confusing to motorists.
  • 11730 Retail Drive Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    Chic fil a has taken it upon themselves to use the public roadway as their extended drive through. Coming off 98 is a tight turn and hard to see backed up traffic. This has to be addressed as it is an accident waiting to happen. Not to mention not fair to people who pay taxes to use a nice clear road.
  • 1000 Autumn Meadow Ln. Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    I've been living 7 months in my home that is adjacent to the undeveloped areas on Autumn Meadow Ln. and brought this concern to the property management and builder's attention numerous times. The area needs to be cleaned up and maintained.
  • 700-798 S White St Wake Forest, NC, 27587, USA - Wake Forest
    This debris has been in the street for a few weeks. Could someone please haul it away. Maybe also include the basketball hoop across the street for a long time. The street contractor was using the adjacent area to park equipment and pulled the hoop out but when they finished they threw it back in the bushes.
  • Street sign Archived
    Sugar Maple Ave Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    The STOP sign on Sugar Maple at Franklin St id completely obscured by tree limbs, creating a dangerous situation.
  • Site Distance Archived
    1017 Coram Fields Road Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake Forest
    There are shrubs and overgrown grass spilling out onto the street making site distance difficult at this intersection.
  • Tree Issue Archived
    685 E Holding Ave Wake Forest, NC, 27587, USA - Wake Forest
    Tree is in dire need of attention and is now obstructing the sidewalk.