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Kempsville/Southwest VB

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  • Independence Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    A pedestrian bridge over I-264 along Independence Blvd. is years overdue. Pedestrians and bicyclists do not have safe or practical passage along Independence Blvd. under I-264.
    Consider the following:
    Pedestrian traffic is prohibited under I-264 along the north bound lanes of Independence Blvd from South Blvd to Bonney Road and it is unsafe for bicycle traffic.
    Pedestrian and bicycle traffic is not advisable under I-264 along the south bound lanes of Independence Blvd from Euclid Road to Baxter Road. The way through is flooded with stagnant water and debris.
    There are no other practical and safe routes for pedestrians and bicycles to reach either side of I-264 along Independence Blvd.
    Having to wait for a HRT bus to travel less than a mile is time consuming.
    Pedestrians from hundreds of housing units off Baxter Road, Alicia Drive, and Wicklow Place and the general public need safe passage to the north side of I-264 to the Town Center vicinity and beyond.
    Pedestrians from the Town Center vicinity need safe passage to the south side of I-264 and beyond.
    Connect pedestrians from Town Center vicinity to Mount Trashmore.
    Pedestrians will need access to the proposed Light Rail station at Town Center.
  • Providence Rd. Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    The storm ditches along Providence Rd in the Bellamy Manor Estates area need to be cleaned out of debris and overgrowth to allow storm water removal with the hurricane and storm season coming. Also the ditches between Timberlake Dr., Edwin Dr., etc. need to be cleaned out for the same reason.
  • 1345 Lake James Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23464, USA - Virginia Beach city
    The stop sign at the corner of Lake James and Wallingford has been knocked over and is blocking the sidewalk
  • Roadway Flooded Acknowledged
    3881 Old Forge Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    My street and the street that intersects my street (S. Plaza Tr) floods extremely often throughout the year in a hard rain. It flooded during Hurricane Matthew it had 4-5 ft of water. After we moved back in to our home in January, it flooded again a little. The drains run slow. There are 3 - 4 storm drains in our intersection. I would like the City to come by and inspect the drains to see if there is a blockage and if there is, to please clean it out. Thank you!
  • 5392 Dalrymple Street Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    Road is flooded again. And it is NOT due to "erosion and sediment controls" or whatever the city is claiming the issue is. It's been flooding here for decades before the stupid construction started and made it worse. When speaking to some people on site with the road crews this morning they are saying that no one knows why, themselves included. So to say it's "due to erosion and sediment controls" is an outright lie. I'll spare everyone a current pic and attach one from the street being flooded before the construction ever started.... You're right! Must be from those "sediment and erosion controls" that weren't even in place at the time.
  • 199 Ferrell Parkway Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    After they paved this last time, there is a hump in the left lane as you turn to go over Salem Road. Riding a motorcycle this is a very dangerous hump. It upsets the bike while you are turning. This did not exist before the last paving job.
  • Landstown Road Salem, Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    When traveling East/SE on Salem road and turning onto Landstown Road, the trees, bushes and weeds make it hard to see oncoming traffic make a left turn
  • 5529 Whirlaway Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23462, USA - Virginia Beach city
    Perpetual yard sale. Resident @ 5529 whirlaway has had at least 4 yard sales this summer. His merchandise is left outside in between events. It's not a yard sale it is a flea market. Please stop him.
  • 4680 Larkwood Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city

    The storm water drainage-ditch next to Providence Road is in desperate need of flood control and drainage service. This critical road provides traffic relief from busy Princess Anne Road. In addition, this vital side street supports the areas first responders (Police, Fire, and Ambulances), school buses and provides access to numerous residential neighborhoods and homes. Over the years, an accumulation of vegetation and sediment has created a situation where proper storm water drainage is negatively impacted and compromises motorist and residents safety. Routinely under periods of heavy rainfall, the bend in Providence Road between Selwood Drive and Birks Lane has water running over the roadway surface.

    Request for service includes excavation of the storm water drainage-ditch to effectively remove vegetation and years of sediment build-up. In turn, the excavated area will be better equipped to deal with the storm water by safely directing the flow of water into the North Landing River instead of over Providence Road.

  • Pothole Archived
    4241 Indian River Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
  • 4116 Windsor Gate Place Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach city
    We have lived here since 1981 and the canal behind our house has been cleaned only once. It is gross; it is filled up with tree limbs, trash, dirt, leaves, etc. and probably has only a few inches of water. You sink if you attempt to step in it. It stinks during dry weather. It really needs to be dredged. It is a hazard.
  • 4624 Berrywood Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23464, USA - Virginia Beach city
    broken fence