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  • 15731-15899 1st Avenue Northwest Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Please cover the drainage ditch along 1st Ave NW just south of NW 159th St. This is such a high traffic, high parking area during the school year and there are so many children in the area it's become a safety concern. It would be really beneficial to the school and neighborhood if this could be filled in and made safer for all drivers, those parking along there and all children. Thank you!
  • 14500-14598 22nd Ave Ne Seattle, WA, 98155, USA - Shoreline
    It started a week ago. Somebody is parking big trucks in residential street ( 22nd ave , next to Carmelite monastery)
    They usually leave it from late afternoon to the 8-9 in the morning every day. It ruins the neighborhood .Please let them know that commercial vehicles and industrial equipment can’t be parked on residential streets.
    Thank you
  • Potholes Archived
    17518 Fremont Avenue North Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    There are several maintenance holes in northbound Fremont Ave. between 175th and 185th that need to be adjusted to the roadway surface elevations. The holes are directly in the tire paths and set so far below the roadway elevation that drivers swerve to avoid them and damage to their vehicle. Drivers are swerving in the lane and creating a safety hazard as oncoming vehicles (and vehicles behind) are unsure of the driver’s intentions. Furthermore, this distracts the drivers and shifts their attention from driving in a safe manner.
  • Damaged guardrail Acknowledged
    1600-1650 Northeast 196th Street Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    This guardrail was smashed by a tree last year during a storm and still hasn't been repaired.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    1601-1799 North 155th Street Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Several potholes on 155th travelling west, west of Meridian and heading up the hill to Aurora.
  • 17010 2nd Ave Ne Shoreline, WA 98155, USA - Shoreline
    Nuisance vehicle
  • Encampment Archived
    17000-17010 2nd Ave Ne Shoreline, WA 98155, USA - Shoreline
    Really creepy guy has set up camp in his car here. Car hasn't moved in weeks. Trash collecting outside car. This is a nuisance car that just shifts around neighborhood after being reported, but never leaves.
  • 17512 Corliss Ave N Shoreline, WA 98133, USA - Shoreline
    Rusted hood. Rear plate is in the back window. No valid tabs on either plate.
  • 5th Ave Ne & Ne 155th St Shoreline, WA 98155, USA - Shoreline
    still not trimmed hedge. it is getting more dangerous a wheelchair cannot use the sidewalk. you closed the issue without it being resolved.
  • 701 North 178th Street Shoreline Washington - Shoreline
    5 vehicles owned by the same person are being used as a de fecto storage facility on N 178th St. They have all been tagged for impound on several occasions, but the owner has merely removed the notices and rearranged the placement of the vehicles each time. But they are always there, filled with junk and overspilling into the shoulder and street area. At the moment, he has driven up in a 6th car (new, apparently, with a temporary plate), parked that one, and driven away in one of the other 5. The one driven away that I expect will return in place of the new hatchback is a white Ford sedan, but I do not have the plate. The owner was formerly a resident across the street from this site whose home was foreclosed on several months ago and his increasing number of vehicles have been on the street like this ever since, usually with more detritus surrounding them.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged
    933 N 182nd St Seattle, WA 98133, USA - Shoreline
    front plate nevada, rear plate washington, dumped, vandalized
  • 15509 Stone Avenue North Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline