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  • Sidewalks Acknowledged
    3014 Ne 145th St Seattle, WA, 98155, USA - Shoreline
    This ACC shoppind cart was left on the sidewalk in front of 3014 BE 145th street. Because the sidewalk is so narrow I moved it to the side.
    On Sunday, I called QFC on 145th and 15th twice on Sunday to come and get it but they have not. It looks like it has already been hit by a vehicle once, and if it ends up in traffic again it could cause a horrible accident. In addition of our is moved onto the sidewalk there won't be enough room for the many folks in wheelchairs and using canes to walk by on the walk.
  • 1291 N 205th St Seattle, WA 98133, USA - Shoreline
    phone term box next to sidewalk
  • Other Archived
    18622–18798 Ridgefield Rd Nw Shoreline 98177, United States - Shoreline
    Eight (8) glued on “Bott’s dots” missing from road curve providing tactile and visual indication of road edge which provides some protection to pedestrians from vehicles which cut the corner into pedestrian walkway.
  • 18360 Dayton Ave N Shoreline, WA 98133, USA - Shoreline
    text tag on vertical
  • Potholes Archived
    Nw Richmond Beach Rd Seattle, WA, 98177, USA - Shoreline
    Turning off of Richmond Beach Rd onto 15th heading North. There is a large pothole at the intersection near the walkway.
  • Other Archived
    16605 Linden Avenue North Shoreline, WA 98133, United States of America - Shoreline
    Looks like someone's been sleeping there. 2nd time I've found makeshift bed there. (I recycled cardboard last time)
  • Shoreview Park NW Innis Arden Way, Seattle, WA, 98177, USA - Shoreline
    Large, heavy landscape timbers placed cross-ways and stacked block trail to woods outside lower part of dog park. Assume intent was to avoid standing water after rain. But it is a barrier to people with disabilities and/or mobility issues. Only way around is through slippey, super-muddy area next to trail. Trail under beams had compact rocks that allowed easier and dryer access. Could beams please be removed, or if a bridge is desired, could it be constructed in a safe, accessible manner?
  • 20033 Wallingford Ave N Shoreline, WA 98133, USA - Shoreline
  • 19840 8th Ave Nw Shoreline, WA 98177, USA - Shoreline
    "yummy" ?
  • Tree Issues Archived
    1112 Northeast 150th Court Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Two downed trees after recent rain storms. One is on the black chain link fence on the property line of 1112 and is approx. 10ft long. The other tree is almost fallen over. It is about to fall on the fence of 1112. It is about 40ft long.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    16730 Meridian Ave N Seattle, WA, 98133, USA - Shoreline
    Fir branches over sidewalk have reached head level, need to be trimmed higher
  • Other Archived
    19805 8th Ave Nw Shoreline, WA 98177, USA - Shoreline
    solid copper earth ground wire from above has been disconnected from earth grounding rod next to pole, visible in pic