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  • 18001-18099 Linden Ave N Seattle, WA, 98133, USA - Shoreline
    Theres an RV that has been there for weeks. A homeless man lives in it and comes onto our property, as well as a female who has stolen our mail
  • 1820 Northeast 170th Street Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    I entered the wrong address the last time I reported noise at this address. The same resident who screams and undresses himself was screaming, banging on the inside of his home, and it sounds like throwing things this morning. It started around 7:25 AM and was still going when I left at 8:35 AM. He also screamed for long periods Saturday and Sunday. Someone with adult protective services came to my door last week but I’ve not heard an update. I would like an update as to what was found at this home. As I mentioned before, besides this being a nuisance for those of us who live in the neighborhood, I cannot imagine with the other residents go through on a daily basis. I was told there are sometimes “behaviors” that need to be managed, but to me the other residents have occasional behaviors that are tolerable. This constant screaming and banging appears out of control and has been for years.
  • Vegetation Issues Acknowledged
    16001 Fremont Place North Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline

    Extremely Overgrown Vegetation At NW Corner Of Fremont Place North & North 160th Streer In Shoreline.

    This is now a safety hazard, as the vegetation is now blocking a clear view of pedestrians and traffic coming down the hill east on N. 160th St.

    Pictures are attached. This was taken from the driver's seat looking west on N. 160th St. This is the first place (in my opinion) where I had a safe and clear view of the downhill traffic. But look where the door jamb the curb and the front quarter of the car is in the lane of N. 160th St.

    To get a really clear view you must move into lane #1 of N. 160th westbound close to 1/3 of the lane into possible oncoming traffic. A few months ago, someone cleared part of the area, but not the whole area. The vines also drop over the sidewalk as well.

    This needs to be fixed as soon as possible (it really is a driving hazard), and I appreciate the great service the Shoreline government and its workers in past requests, I hope this will be dealt with promptly.


    This is/has been an ongoing maintenance issue, and the city might consider it for their list of things"to-do".

    I've attempted contact with the owner of the corner house (where part of the vegetation leans on their fence) about this matter and have been ignored. They want nothing to do with any maintenance outside their fence.

    I honestly don't know whose legal responsibility it is to keep this clear and visible for traffic vs. letting vegetation grown, that is a problem that the city may have to take up with the owner. But for now, it really needs fixing and I hope the city will take action and clear this.

    Thank you very much for your service, time, and consideration....


  • 15509 Stone Avenue North Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
  • Hedges Acknowledged
    2106 155th St. Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    The house at 2106 155th St. has tall hedges growing in the corner of their lot. These hedges are making it very dangerous for pedestrians crossing at that intersection. The hedges block drivers' view of pedestrians who are standing there waiting to cross. I've had several close calls crossing at this intersection because the driver didn't see me.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged
    933 N 182nd St Seattle, WA 98133, USA - Shoreline
    front plate nevada, rear plate washington, dumped, vandalized
  • 17010 1st Ave Ne Shoreline 98155, United States - Shoreline
    Camper parked across from the sound transit properties on 1st Ave NE and 172nd.
  • 701 North 178th Street Shoreline Washington - Shoreline
    5 vehicles owned by the same person are being used as a de fecto storage facility on N 178th St. They have all been tagged for impound on several occasions, but the owner has merely removed the notices and rearranged the placement of the vehicles each time. But they are always there, filled with junk and overspilling into the shoulder and street area. At the moment, he has driven up in a 6th car (new, apparently, with a temporary plate), parked that one, and driven away in one of the other 5. The one driven away that I expect will return in place of the new hatchback is a white Ford sedan, but I do not have the plate. The owner was formerly a resident across the street from this site whose home was foreclosed on several months ago and his increasing number of vehicles have been on the street like this ever since, usually with more detritus surrounding them.
  • 5th Ave Ne & Ne 155th St Shoreline, WA 98155, USA - Shoreline
    still not trimmed hedge. it is getting more dangerous a wheelchair cannot use the sidewalk. you closed the issue without it being resolved.
  • 1101-1155 N 155th St Shoreline, WA 98133, USA - Shoreline
    The recent westbound lane shift at the intersection of 155th and Aurora has almost caused several inattentive drivers to sideswipe me when I am in the left lane.
    The lanes need to be more clearly marked!
  • 14535 22nd Ave Ne Shoreline 98155, United States - Shoreline
    Truck has been on our street for a few days.
  • 779 North 204th Street Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    I reported this same jet ski last summer when it was left sitting in this very same spot. After 3 months the city finally came an put a notice on it and the owner moved it. Now it's back. I believe the owner is just moving it around to different spots on the street in my neighborhood. I believe it is illegal to park a trailer or water vehicle on a city street