Battle Creek area

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  • Potholes Archived
    8719 Pennfield Road Battle Creek, MI - Calhoun County
    Resident reported large stretch of potholes on Pennfield Road from the bridge east of Pennfield Schools to 8719 Pennfield Road.
  • 20936-20998 Uldriks Dr N Battle Creek, Michigan - Level Park-Oak Park
    Large potholes (several) at the intersection of Kirby and Uldriks
  • Potholes Archived
    20936-20998 Uldriks Drive North Battle Creek, Michigan - Level Park-Oak Park
    large hole at east side of road at intersection of Kirby and Uldriks
  • D Drive N Battle Creek, MI - Calhoun County
    people have to drive in the middle of the road to attempt to avoid problems
  • 500 Allcott St Marshall, MI - Marshall
    Power lines run behind houses here. The city had the trees trimmed a few years back & one tree has died progressively ever since. I think they might have over done it on that tree or something - they removed probably more than half the branches -_-. Anyway - seems completely dead this year and threatens both the power lines and neighbors fence. Any chance the city could just come take it down?
  • Potholes Archived
    197 Collier Avenue Battle Creek, Michigan - Level Park-Oak Park
    Collier Avenue
  • Potholes Archived
    100-150 Collier Avenue Battle Creek, Michigan - Level Park-Oak Park
    Massive Pot Hole
  • 325 Sunset Blvd E - Calhoun County
    The potholes on Sunset Blvd E get larger and deeper every spring. They are filled each year but it never holds. Makes the neighborhood look rundown plus the damage it does to our vehicles.
  • Signs/Signals Archived
    301 Boyer Court Marshall, MI 49068, USA - Marshall
    Many people drive the wrong way on this traffic circle, creating a hazard. If you could put a one way sign facing the Building H parking lot (WNW) it would be greatly appreciated. This is not urgent so if it would be more convenient to put it in the summer schedule that would be okay.
  • 9118 B Dr N Emmett, MI 49014, USA - Calhoun County
    B Dr. N is terrible from 9 Mile to 11 Mile
  • 1000 Battle Creek Streets battle creek, MI - Battle Creek
    great idea ppl pute,bike lanes in with cars how stupid ...seriously.. how many ppl do you think will use this or how many ppl will get hurt or even killed. after all who has the right away. when iam parked along the raod and open my door and a biker comes and slams into me and gets hurt.hhmm just dont make sence may as well tell the kids to go play in the just vote on this subject if you dont like it thats all ....lets try to save some lives.and save some tax payers money
  • Potholes Archived
    16647-17101 10 Mile Road Battle Creek, Michigan - Calhoun County
    Half of the road has deteriorated.