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  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    2656 Summit St Palm Harbor, FL, 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    There is two sections of sidewalk in between my house and my neighbor's house that need to be repaired it is something in and cracked extremely bad last year I put in a request never seen or heard of anything I would like this done we have wheelchair and scooter in our household and we use this quite frequently it is very dangerous thank you
  • 2432 Hawk Ave Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Thursday at 5pm lawn sprinklers are running
  • 2432 Hawk Ae Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    There are stacks of roofing tiles and multiple swimming pool barriers, old barbecue grill, pieces of plywood laying around on the west side of the house
  • 98 Gulfwinds Dr W Palm Harbor, FL, 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    Is it possible to come through the neighborhood with a fog truck?. I was getting bit at 5 a.m. this morning walking in the middle of the streets in Baywood Village 5.
  • 4749 Simcoe St Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    A white van and a black Mustang that is covered with a car cover are not currently registered.
  • [Change] Carlton Rd & Curlew Place 2nd House North East Side Of Road Tarpon Springs, Florida - Tarpon Springs
    Dirt and mud from new home construction is all over the road and the gutters. blocking water flow and filling in storm drains.
  • 2588 Grand Cypress Blvd Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor

    My home was built 4 years ago next to a 50 foot dying tree that had a eagle's nest affixed. Was advised by County of Pinellas, that the tree could not be removed as a result of the eagle's nest, the tree is protected and prohibited from being removed.

    Currently, the tree is dead and the Grand Cypress on Lake Tarpon homeowners associated has order the homeowner (me) to have the tree removed. As the result of the tree being deemed protected by the County of Pinellas, I am requesting for the county of Pinnelas to have the tree removed.

  • Pothole Archived
    50th Ave N & 66th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    I previously reported this pothole and did so without attaching a photo. However after submitting I noticed a photo was attached. This photo should not have been attached to this report this photo was attached in error & belongs to a different report. Sorry about that... However the report of a large pothole is accurate and needs to be repaired a.s.a.p
  • 102 Indian Rocks Road Largo, Florida - Tarpon Springs
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    432 Whitcomb Blvd Tarpon Springs 34689, United States - Tarpon Springs
    The road is disappearing on both sides of the road and holes are developing.
  • 141 Whitcomb Blvd Tarpon Springs 34689, United States - Tarpon Springs
    This sidewalk floods on small rains. This is also a walking path for students to the elementary and high school. A curb would be helpful on this part of the road as well.
  • 3666 Shady Ln Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    Excessive mosquitos at all times of the day and night