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  • 1105 Klosterman palm harbor/tarpon springs, Florida - Palm Harbor
    A rooster is waking me up every day a 6am and continues to make noise until 9:30AM daily. I have called and reported this problem on April 25 and May 9th to animal welfare and the rooster continues to disturb the peace. I live in Tarponaire Mobile park and recently retired after working 46 years and moved to Florida and wanted to sleep in now and enjoy my retirement but this rooster has made my new life miserable. Please send someone to 1105 Klosterman to explain how the older people in the mobile homes near the rooster, want peace and quiet and pay a higher lot rental to be on the side of the park with no neighbors behind them only to be disturbed by this rooster. thank you
    PS your phone system does not work so you can call me if you need to speak to me.412-589-8049 Thank you
  • 800 Cardinal Ave Palm Harbor, FL - Palm Harbor
    At the intersection of County Rd.1 and Tampa Rd (North Bound)
    The right turn only lane is being used to pass vehicles in the through lane at the intersection causing near collisions. If the right lane were forced to turn right this would prevent this from happening.
  • Harbor Hills Subdivision Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Please check sidewalks in the Harbor Hills subdivision. Many are no longer aligned and are tripping hazards. Thank you.
  • 6776-54th Ave. North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    This business in on a corner of a residential neighborhood. My home is located near the business property. The lawn service that is contracted with this property arrives every Monday prior to 6:30am to cut the grass and blow the parking lot. I do not know exactly what time they arrive I can only tell you that my wife & I are woken up at approx. 6:30-6:40am every Monday morning to the sound of mowers & blowers. I am uncertain as to the regulations for noise in a residential area, however my wife & I do not get up this early. Please advise if there is any regulation covering this and if so if you are able to assist in putting a stop to such an early activity.
  • 2232 Colonial Blvd W Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    This boat has been parked in his front yard for many many months. They need to take it to a storage lot like everyone else.
  • Pothole Archived
    54th Ave - West Of 66th St Pinellas, Florida - Commission District 7
    pothole in the travel lane of 54th Ave in front of Mc Donalds
  • Road Issue Acknowledged
    200-298 Henry Ln Crystal Beach, FL, 34681, USA - Palm Harbor
    Second request please to patch numerous potholes in Henry Lane between Ohio Avenue and Crystal Beach Avenue. First request was acknowledged but nothing has been done. This short residential asphalt road really needs to be repaved rather than continually patched.
  • Environmental Archived
    30 Liberty Way Palm Harbor, FL, 34684, USA - Palm Harbor


    Raw Sewage Submission Report - Anonymous To Avoid Retaliation

    30 Liberty Way, Palm Harbor, FL 34684
    Units 1, 2 & 3

    Below Written 5/26/19 Environmental Hazard Maintenance Request Ignored By Licensed Property Manager - (already cited for No Permits/Unlicensed Contractor on another matter).

    Please assist, as this Licensed Property Manger is ignoring raw sewage backing up in sinks/dishwashers & leaking onto the sidewalk from an uncapped PVC Emergency Clean Out that is broken underground.

    Unit 3 has Raw Smelly Sewage backing up in the Kitchen Sink and in the Dishwasher (leaking on to kitchen floor) due to draining issues connected to the building's broken exterior PVC drainage pipe - which is also leaking Raw Smelly Sewage onto the sidewalk from the Uncapped and Open Emergency PVC Drain Clean Out located on the exterior brick wall outside Units 1, 2 and 3.

    A week ago, your Plumbing Contractor, advised that the exterior PVC drainage pipe is broken in the ground, as the snake he used in a failed attempt to clear the PVC pipe came up totally covered in dirt - as the PVC pipe is broken, obstructed, not intact and not operating normally.

    Units 1, 2 and 3 all have draining issues, as all utilize the broken PVC Pipe connected to the existing open Emergency PVC Drain Clean Out - that is still open and leaking raw sewage out of the Emergency Drain Clean Out onto the sidewalk outside of Units 1, 2 and 3. Environmental danger present in this 55++ community.

  • 6625-6703 49th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    From 66th st N down 49th Ave N to 71st Street the storm drains are clogged up again with weeds, debris, trash, etc causing flooding even in smaller rain storms. Every year the county comes out and scoops them out - they have not been this year and the water does not recede & drain as it should
  • 227 Hanby St Crystal Beach , Florida - Palm Harbor
    There is an alley separating the property at 227 Hanby and 280 Hanby. Homeowner at 227 has materials used for his business stored and blocking access. Often parks vehicles in the space as well.
  • 901 Gulf Rd tarpon springs, Florida - Tarpon Springs
    A storm drain collapsed near my mailbox creating a hole in the yard. It is also letting dirt travel into the creek besides my house creating a pile if dirt in the creek. I marked the hole with 4 orange flags. It needs to be repaired, not filled in with more dirt. Thanks
  • 4814 Cardinal Trail Palm Harbor Florida - Palm Harbor
    I'm not sure if this is an actual code violation, but it certainly will effect property values in this neighborhood, and has everyone talking. This was just sold, the new owners are fixing it up to rent it, always been known as the "crack house", in terrible shape, rotting roof, outside walls are rotted, outside stairs rotting, none of the railing is to code... etc. etc. This "fence" is an eyesore, and not actually a fence, it's a piece of corrugated plastic that would normally be used on a porch roof.... and a scary start to their renovation. if you can't help me please let me know who I need to contact.