Glen Arms Neighborhood

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Glen Arms Neighborhood

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  • 738 Mountain Blvd. Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
    3' round pothole in north side of Mountain Blvd., in front of 738 Mountain Blvd (near Pinewood). There's water in the pothole from sprinker / rain runoff.
  • 600 Caldwell Road Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
    A van ran into a tree on Thursday night/Friday morning. The damaged van is still stuck to the tree, and it has not been moved. The van is sticking out in the street. Someone needs to move this van - it's dangerous and ugly.
  • 6475 Swainland Road Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Glen Highlands
    Abandoned vehicle? Not moved in several months. License expired April 2013. In front of vacant lot opposite 6475 Swainland.
  • 6114 Pinewood Road Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
    There is a major pot hole in front of our house at 6114 Pinewood Road. We have two young children and it is extremely dangerous -- an adult neighbor recently tripped on the hole and fell.
  • 6051 Glenarms Dr Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Merriwood

    The street light next to 6051 Glenarms Dr is out.

    Pole number N3540.

  • Potholes Acknowledged
    6300 Block Of Swainland Oakland, CA - Glen Highlands
    There are multiple potholes along a very narrow stretch of a neighborhood street and cars need to swerve around in one direction to avoid the first pothole and then swerve in the other direction to avoid the second and third potholes. This is a dangerous maneuver, especially after dark. These potholes are serious and need filling ASAP.
  • 738 Mountain Blvd Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
    There is a huge potlhole that has formed at the base of our driveway. It was previously fixed by City of Oakland but has become even bigger after the rains. Bicyclists and pedestrians are falling into the pothole. Cars are bottoming out as they come down the drive way or street when they go over the pothole. The noise level has gone up as car tires "hit" the pothole. The size has grown considerably since last repair and as we dry out it's possible to see the size/depth which is considerable.
  • 615 Caldwell Road Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
  • Deep Pothole Archived
    6330 Swainland Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
    deep pothole that damaged my tire
  • 614-620 Caldwell Road Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
    Multiple potholes ranging from 6 inches to 1.5 feet along the upper block of Caldwell Road
  • 746-750 Mountain Boulevard Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
    The STOP markings on the road of Mountain Blvd have rubbed off, and cars are stopping in the middle of the intersection. Please repaint the stop markings on the street.
  • pothole Archived
    Address Unavailable - Glen Highlands
    Northside of Ruthland east of Mountain Blvd.