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This area is unserviced by the city of New Haven. Many landlords are slum lords. LCI ignores most sidewalk and curb issues. DPW only attends to issues at their convenience.


  • Tree Trimming Archived
    789 Howard Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - New Haven - Ward 03
    Several trees along Howard Avenue near UI pole # 11842 have large dead limbs hanging over public road and pedestrian sidewalk.
  • Elliot St. And Sylvan Ave. New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    Has been reported to Police on several occasions. He has several young men on bikes who buy and sell with him and for him! He seems to use a VERY LOUD CD to give attention to the fact that he is open for business!!
  • Yale University 306-310 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT 06510, USA - New Haven - Ward 03
    Broken pedestrian button
  • 81 Elliot St New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    For the past several weeks there has been obvious drug activity involving this house. A car pulls up,aheavy set black man with a beard comes out of the house gets into a vehicle and they drive away only to return 10-15 mins. later. This is repeated off and on throughout the day and evening. In addition this little buch of darlings started appearing on our porch obviously hanging and waiting for something/one to come out of the house.They left only when I began to take pictures. They call themselves the NEW HAVEN KINGS. Should you see them please report them to the Hill North Police Station on Hallock St.
  • 34 Vernon Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    I purchased a Habitat home at 34 Vernon Street, 1 year ago. The dumpster from the housed next door is located by the fence right by my driveway next to my front porch. The dumpster definitely needs to me moved for health and safety issues. The smell is horrible. Every time we open the front door. In the summer, we cannot even sit in our porch because of the smell and the bugs. In addition, every time the dumpster is over loaded with trash, the wind blows the trash to my house and we have to pick up the garbage all the time. I have two small children and this is not safe for them either.
    I spoke with the landlord once and he said he can not do anything, and wants me to find a solution.
    The lot was empty for many years before building the house and this is probably why the dumpster was moved by my fence. I hope you can help with this issue.
  • 81 Elliot St New Haven, CT 06519, USA - New Haven - Ward 03
    There is an illegally parked / abandoned white Ford F- 350 Van Tag# C- 072684 This vehicle has been a nuisance in this neighborhood for some time now as it has blocked private driveways, Parked in an formerly unoccupied residence and now it is parked in a handicapped space with no placard there seems to be a homeless family living in it I have witnessed no less than 2 very young children and 3 adults just sitting or laying in it all night every night for the past 3 days now this cannot be legal or healthy for these children please can LCI or Newhaven Parking division investigate this matter at least for the safety of the children
  • 75 Orchard St New Haven, CT - New Haven - Ward 03
    75 Orchard st
    Homeowner keeps blowing garbbage and leaves into neighbors property. Blows all garbbage and leaves down driveway and up and down sidewalk to the front of neighbors property. Needs to bag up his debris and dispose of it just like everyone else
  • 79 Elliot St New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
  • Congress Av @ Cedar St New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    The traffic box cover located on the sidewalk at the crosswalk has its cover installed upside down. The is an anchor, which should be under the cover plate, but now creates a tripping hazard at the street level.
  • Other Archived
    Sylvan Ave New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    Is there a way to report one of the "neighbors" who responds constantly to issues other residents have filed?
    The individual who is identified as XYZ is very disruptive and insulting in the comments that he or she leaves!!
    Enough already!! This individual has irritated and annoyed so many people on here - is this appropriate???
  • Congress Ave And Howard New Haven, CT - New Haven - Ward 03
    Thus intersection needs more clarity. On the north side of Congress you have two southbound lanes that transition into one. (The issue is further complicated when cars are not immediately parked along the curb because it could appear as though there are still two lanes)
    I request the right lane be indicated as a turn only, but if this requires traffic/civic engineers to get involved then can we at least have a sign indicating there is a merge ahead and which lane should yield?
  • 98 Stevens Street New Haven, Connecticut - New Haven - Ward 03
    Stop sign at corner of Stevens Street and Sylvan Ave is graffitied beyond comprehension. The sign opposite is damaged as well.