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  • Traffic Issue Archived
    200 37th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    Who ever design the new road improvements needs to take a better look at how it was designed. People are driving over curbs, driving in the turn lanes meant for the opposite direction and making u-turns because they can't turn where we used to. How many accidents have to happen now? I've lived in this neighborhood for years and this has to be the one of the worst cases of money not spent responsibly. Maybe you need to send police out and watch the area from parking lots to see what I'm talking about. This is an absolute joke and the mediums should have never been installed.
  • 3401-3499 1st Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    Non-compliant, non-permitted banner sign hanging from fence.
  • 27th Ave N And 1st St N SAINT PETERSBURG, FL - Historic Old Northeast
    Storm drains at this intersection appear to be clogged. Standing water on all four corners.
  • 38th Ave Ne & Locust St Ne St Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    This intersection has frequent pothole issues and just patching the holes again isn't a long term fix. Please repave that whole area. Thanks.
  • 216 36th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33704, USA - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    Wooden pallet and junk scooter dumped in alley behind Northeast Gardens Condominiums. Please remove as soon as possible.
  • 161. 28th Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL - Historic Old Northeast
    The depression in the roadway is 27 inches ( north south) by 24 inches ( east west) it is 4 inches deep at its deepest point: The depression is in the middle of the roadway, so it’s not caused by traffic: Last year the city ran a new water main under the street to 162, the depression lines up exactly with where they shot the new line. There is a blue paint mark in the pavement pointing in the direction of where they shot the new water line. Three daye ago I reported this to the City if St Petersburg Water Resources department, they said they would send out a crew. Haven’t seen any crew, haven’t heard a word from them. My neighbor reported this to the mayors action committee months ago, nothing has been done. It’s not just a matter of filling in the depression with some asphalt, the right people need to investigate the conditions of what’s under the roadway and determine whether there is a sinkhole developing.
  • 334 36th Avenue Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    House has been burned by fire. Several windows are boarded up and the house has been condemned. However, there is still an occupant in the house. The house has not had power or electricity for at least 5 months. Premises are filthy.
  • 126 33rd Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    The alley absolutely needed some work, especially at the entrance to 1st St. - so for that I am grateful but the Alley seems to have been bladed and the black dirt used makes a mess for anyone walking themselves or animals down the alley. The cars are a mess from the damp mornings after the dirt is blown through the alley. Can it be topped with crushed gravel ? - the homeowners are constantly fixes holes due to the trash and recycle trucks.
  • Traffic Issue Archived
    3325 1st Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    Hello. I am writing in hopes that something more than a sign being replaced happens. The attached picture is on 1st St N near 33rd avenue. Obviously, someone was traveling at high speed to snap the steel pole.
    Yes, I would like the sign to be replaced but I am imploring you to do something about the traffic and speed. There have been at least 2 significant DUI accidents here in the past year, a jogger was hit last month and the school zone is pretty much ignored. I would guess the average speed of cars is closer to 40 than 25.
    This is a family neighborhood, kids play, ride bikes and people walk their pets here. I have seen city buses speeding by that scare walkers, joggers and bikers on Pinellas trail because of the speed and noise.
    Help us prevent more injury and property destruction.
  • 3933 1st St N Saint Petersburg 33703, United States - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    The East side of this intersection has multiple potholes forming. They can not be avoided.
  • 527 38th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - North East Park Neighborhood Association

    Short Term Rentals of fewer than 30 days.

  • 742 Placido Way N E St. Petersburg, FL - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    A rusty abandoned trailer along with broken furniture a trampoline a punching bag a broken boat A dilapidated dock pvc pipes etc, are strewn throughout the backyard. Wells Fargo needs to clear this waterfront property of all the garbage.