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  • 920 W Wilson Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 46
    Street flooded! We shoveled the snow of the drain yesterday - it still doesn't drain... the same sewer drain that can't handle a lot of rain for years now.
  • Montrose And Clarendon Chicago IL - Chicago Ward 46
    VOTE TODAY! Historically significant Cuneo Hospital complex at Montrose & Clarendon Avenues includes a wonderful pair of mid-century buildings designed by esteemed architect Edo J. Belli that are perfectly suited for creative reuse. Structures at the site have been determined eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places, yet no adaptive reuse studies have been completed. The community that basks in the glow of Clarendon Park's sunshine is worried about affordability, about shadows from the proposed highrises, about traffic from the proposed retail and apartments. Yet no economic, shadow, or traffic studies have been made public for community consideration, and bird safety concerns persist. Please VOTE TODAY to save these community assets and address these concerns. Uptown can help the City of Chicago find a better solution!
  • 920 West Wilson Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Standing water on the curbs and half way into the street makes it difficult to get to cars and especially difficult for those in wheelchairs because the ramps are flooded.
  • 1200-1226 West Gunnison Street Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
  • 804 - 836 W. Lakeside Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 46
    Alley is not graded correctly & sinkholes are forming, leading to creative solutions on the part of local residents to manage stormwater.
  • 4700 N Beacon Ave Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Behind the building, there is a frequently leaking pipe that spills into the alley. It causes major problems with ice buildup. There are also pipes that leak right onto the Leland sidewalk, which also ices up. This causes problems with people and cars. There are slips and falls, and people with disabilities have a lot of trouble.
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    4602 N Malden St Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    Please install a striped crosswalk at the intersections of Wilson/Malden and Wilson/Dover, including signs in the middle of the street that instruct drivers to yield to waiting pedestrians. This area is near an elementary school and children often try to cross this street, which has no very clearly marked crosswalks nor signs instructing drivers of State law.
  • 1229 W. Foster Avenue Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 46
    Manhole (square) cover on north side of street (westbound lane), directly in front of building at 1227-1229 W. Foster Ave., makes a loud clanging sound when cars drive over it.
  • 4730 North Clarendon Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Running stop signs. Since living here just over a year, I have never seen so many people running these stop signs. People have almost been hit several times. Myself included. I have talked to a few police officers which one even saw and stopped the vehicle disobeying the signs. 311 has not helped either. They have told me to call the police or go to the caps meetings. I am afraid that someone is really going to get hurt. This intersection is extremely busy with Walgreens, 2 hospitals and a busy bus stop near by.
  • Clarendon & Lawrence Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46

    Can we get Big Belly or twin garbage/recycling like at Millenium Park here? No recycling option, chronic overflow.

    Threw the garbage from the top into own trash again, but can insert needs to be lifted & area below it cleaned out.

  • 4501 N. Clarendon Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 46
    There was flooding again in Clarendon Park Community Center during the rains on June 30, 2014. This historic building was originally a beach house that was considered a gem of the Chicago lakefront, but the four large towers were removed in the 1970s, leaving a broad flat roof that would be an excellent candidate for a green roof to deal with the chronic stormwater problem. The need for lighting for the adjacent playing fields and playground could be addressed through a highly visible solar installation paired with the green roof. The community center lies within the Illinois Coastal Zone and will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2016. Please fix this historic building, which is one of Uptown's most successful civic spaces!
  • 4500 N Clarendon Ave Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46