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Millsmont and surrounding areas

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  • 6101-6151 Overdale Avenue Oakland, California - Millsmont
    Hi! There have been 4 fatal or near fatal accidents in the last month at or very near the Overdale / Seminary intersection in Oakland. People drive extremely fast on Seminary and exit at extremely fast speeds from the 580E / 13 exit. Please place a 4 way stop or stoplight at this intersection immediately.
  • 5435 Macarthur Boulevard Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    The bend in the road where MacArthur meets Millsview needs a stop sign in both directions or speed bumps to slow drivers down. Drivers speed up and down MacArthur after the lights turn green at 55th and at the Mills entrance. I've only lived in this neighborhood two years and have twice seen that speeding cars coming down MacArthur have lost control coming around the bend and have crossed on-coming traffic and plowed thru the chain link fence into the Mills campus! Every time I drive up MacArthur around that bend, cars coming down the street cross the double yellow line because they are speeding and can not control their vehicles. Cars have come into my lane as much as 3 feet speeding towards me! There's also a cross walk across MacArthur at that intersection; the perfect place for a stop sign so pedestrians don't have to try to cross the street while drivers speed by at 40 MPH or faster. Something needs to be done to slow cars in both directions immediately!
  • Other: Signs Acknowledged
    2971-2999 55th Avenue Oakland, California - Frick
    Three way stop sign is urgently needed at the junction of 55th Avenue and Brann Street. Crossing 55th is incredibly dangerous, especially for the students attending the elementary school on Brann. Traffic along 55th is often speeding and doesn't notice the crossing pedestrians. And sometimes drivers don't want to stop and wait, instead they swerve out into the opposite lane, passing the cars stopped for the pedestrian, and endangering the crossing pedestrian.
  • 86th Avenue Oakland, California - Highland
    There is a drug addict and prostitution encampment directly across from the boys and girls club on international in East Oakland. Police drive by it daily and do nothing.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    3678 High Street Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    There is a large pothole directly in front of this address heading up High Street away from Masterson.
  • 3620 Seminary Avenue Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Millsmont
    We need the sidewalk completed with the trees and vegetation cut back on Seminary Ave between Outlook Ave and Oakdale and then Oakdale and Hillmont Ave . We see people walking on the road to walk down Seminary and its not safe , as the traffic is very fast.
  • East 580 Exit Ramp To Seminary Oakland, California - Seminary
    There has been a large amount of trash dumping on the exit ramp to seminary ave off 580. The entrance ramp to 580 west at mountain Blvd and MacArthur to 580 east is also constantly covered in trash. I believe someone is constantly dumping trash there. Cleanup and surveillance is called for. Thank you.
  • 9330 Burr Street Oakland, CA - Toler Heights
    On both sides of the house at 9330 burr there is barbed wire fencing which I believe is danger to the publin and in violation to code.
  • 4650 Congress Ave Oakland, California - Fairfax
    This goes beyond just potholes. Congress Avenue from High Street to at least 50th Avenue has deteriorated greatly since I moved here 3 years ago. The pot holes and general disrepair of the road makes it difficult to drive, walk, and bike on. The road has deteriorated to a level that has left it extremely rough - its jagged undulations, large rocks and deep holes make it borderline unusable. New pavement on this street would breathe new life into the neighborhood and would go far in improving the overall appearance of the street - quite possibly improving the lives and safety of those who live here. Thank you!
  • Calaveras Avenue Oakland, California - Redwood Heights
    This pothole has been an issue for at least 2 weeks. Big and deep enough to cause an issue for a car with alignment. It's difficult to avoid and impossible to see at night. It's on the right hand side near construction at the end of 13 south when you exit for 580 west. Just as your turning right onto Calaveras at the offramp.
  • 7980 Mountain Blvd Oakland, California - Sequoyah
    Along with the Mountain Ave On-ramp, The Keller Ave Off-ramp from I-580 needs to be re-paved completely. It's been over a year of giant potholes, divets, & uneven pavement. There were briefly some data collecting lines over it, so I thought it may be getting done soon, but that's obviously not the case. When you exit the freeway at 65 mph, it's like you've gone off-roading at that speed as soon as you drive over the 4 potholes that are right there...your alternative is to swerve around them, into a dip in the pavement, and hope your tires don't fly off the car.
  • Camden Street At 55th Avenue Oakland CA, Oakland, CA - Frick
    The intersection of Camden and 55th Avenue intersects MacArthur Blvd in a confusing and dangerous 6 lane intersection. In addition, a brand new elementary school opened adjacent to this intersection in August 2012, with a few hundred new people driving through this part of town who are likely unfamiliar with this unusual and confusing intersection. At the least , the streets here require re-striping, especially the double yellow lines on 55th. They're very worn and barely visible. Possibly this intersection could be re-configured or additional signage could be added to help explain the unusual flow of traffic to drivers. Particularly confusing is that although traffic heading East Bound from 55th Ave continuing onto MacArthur Blvd may be stopped at this traffic light, the traffic in the opposite direction does NOT also have a red light: Instead, traffic heading West Bound on MacArthur Blvd turning West onto 55th Ave have a green light. You just have to experience this intersection from South bound Camden Street, intending to turn left/East onto 55th Ave/soon-to-become East bound MacArthur Blvd to see what I mean. Please re-stripe the streets here in an effort to improve safety and properly demonstrate opposing traffic lanes, especially considering this is in an Elementary School crossing zone. Consider the safety of the children as well, and restripe the crosswalks in the vicinity. Thank you.