13th St Heights

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    7328 8th Av N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association
    The property directly across from mine, (I can not see the address), has a political sign that is facing towards my home.
    I believe this sign was placed incorrectly. The sign says, Jennifer Webb.
    Please look into this. It`s very annoying.
    thank you, Bob K
  • 1500 Dr Mlk Jr St South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    The MLK Food Store (Formally Quickie) has LOUD music, which is verbally Offensive using all manners of foul and racist language AFTER 11PM almost Every Night. The Police have been called more than 40 times. When the Police arrive, the music stops but the next night it is on again. Most nights till after Midnight. Yes, they can play as loud as they wish until 11pm, but after 11pm it is not acceptable. The outdoor restroom facility behind the food market (Alley & Wall) should also be unacceptable as well. Had to use property maintenance issue as there was noting for Noise OR Sanitation.
  • 501 13th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    Kevin Farrows lots are overgrown again! I hope the city is charging him for all the mowing and all of the maintenance they're doing on his property because if not I want the city to come take care of my property! Where can one access the public records that prove to us that the city is being paid to take care of this property?
  • 600-648 Dr M.L.K. Jr St S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Commission District 7
    Overgrown grass and trash around bus stop on west side of MLK S and 6th Ave S.
  • 1285 5th Street South Saint Petersburg, FL 33701, United States of America - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    I realize the codes department is getting sick of giving Kevin Farrow violation for overgrowth… That's not really my problem! My problem is that he clearly bought this parcel just to make money and has no interest in our neighborhood. So even though you're sick of it please Codes give him yet another violation for overgrowth! Although it seems silly because the city is the one who has to keep mowing it since he will not respond to his notices. I have included a picture so that you can't tell me that it's not overgrown because most of the grass is 15 inches high some of it is over 2 feet high and I believe code says it can't be over 10 inches?
  • 633 10th Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association
    Trash and recycling containers left at curb 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Trash left at curb and not placed in containers.
  • Intersection Of 6th Ave. S. And Mlk S. Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    To the south of Staybridge Suites, at the intersection of 6th Avenue South and MLK S., there is a large grassy area between Booker Creek and the Pinellas Trail. In that grassy area is a makeshift community composed of a old white school bus, a RV, two tents, metal building, a hearse, a red pick up truck and a fence that's been put up very close to the Pinellas Trail. The area is closed into a circle to keep people out. It is a settlement, without sanitation, utilities and city services. The owner is James Boggs and very likely he is living there. Since when does the City of St. Petersburg let a shantytown get erected close to downtown and the hospitals and neighborhoods, where people walk to get to baseball games, next to a new hotel, and up against the Pinellas Trail? This is ridiculous.
  • 1021 James Ave S Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Residents and owner of home keep using their backyard as a dumping zone. It is absolutely disgusting and is causing major rodent problems at all of the neighboring houses on the street. I have had a major infestation of rats and mice due to the storage of junk and garbage all of the property, mostly in backyard, but front yard also. This needs to be stopped once and for all. The owner of the home keep disobeying all requests from codes over the past year and keep loading up their yard with junk and garbage.
  • 716 12th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    This house presents an ongoing problem for our neighborhood. At the present time, the entire front easement is filled with trash, discarded items and furniture. The present problem was reported on 2/26 and, to date, no action has been taken. The occupants of this house never make any attempt to dispose of the items that are constantly discarded. They rely on neighbors to take care of it. Your immediate attention to this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Street S And 11th Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association
    The walkways surrounding the cemetery are not maintained. Leaves, dead brush and trash cover the pavement and the easement. Today I picked up 5 large bags of trash but feel it is the responsibility of the cemetery to take care of this property. At the very least they should maintain clear walkways.
  • 634 Roser Park Dr S St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association
    Hello, my concern is with Roser park Drive. The city does a great job maintaining the park, but not the rest of Roser Park. The streets are covered in dirt and weeds in and around all the new sidewalks and bricks. There is trash against the nice walls. This is a photo opportunity street with photographers visiting daily taking photos of couples in wedding gear to prom dresses and parents making Christmas cards. Yet the streets are unkept. Please please come and clean this beautiful street and not just once, but maintain it's beauty. It's a jewel of the city. Let's show it off to the world. Today alone there were multiple couples taking holiday photos.
  • 835 Newton Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association

    the alley between 14th ave south and newton st from Highland and 8th street has pot holes , no road, it has not been paved for years and now has become a dirt road with trash and discarded junk

    In need of re paving and fixing all the holes