West Pikeland, PA

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  • 1436 Conestoga Rd chester springs, Pennsylvania - West Pikeland
    8 ft long very deep pothole right in front of our driveway. Making it difficult for us to make a left out of our driveway or turning right into our driveway.This is RT 401 with heavy car traffic. Needs to be fixed ASAP. Thank you.
  • 1401 Kimberton Road Chester Springs, Pennsylvania - West Pikeland
    Not sure why the speed limit was lowered, but now instead of having people frequently doing 35 MPH in a 55 zone, we see them doing 25MPG in the 45. What was the justification for reducing speed through this section of rte 113?
  • Intersection Of 401 And Newcomen Downingtown, PA - West Pikeland


    My medium sized motorcycle, at about 800 cc and 500 lbs, has never been able to trip the traffic signal sensor at this intersection, so I am always getting stuck there. It should be possible to detect such a vehicle with the current equipment. If the sensor cannot be adjusted to be more sensitive, perhaps the markings they recommend could be used in addition, or instead? See this paper here, which is for even smaller vehicles: bicycles.


  • 871-899 Newcomen Rd Malvern, PA 19355, USA - West Pikeland
    A green right turn arrow should be added for traffic turning right from Newcomen Rd onto Route 401. Because traffic turning left from Route 401 onto Newcomen Rd has a protected left green arrow, there is a period of time when cars could safely turn right onto Route 401 from Newcomen Rd. As it stands right now, traffic unnecessarily waits for a green light, even though traffic on eastbound Route 401 has a red light during the protected green arrow for left turns off of Route 401 westbound.
  • West Pikeland PA, USA - West Pikeland
    When traveling on Byers road looking West on 401 is a bush that should be removed. You have to pull out pretty fat to see. This is a safety issue and West Pikeland needs to address it be for a major accident occurs. Peoper owner should be made to remove the bush.
  • 2199 Conestoga Rd Malvern, PA 19355, USA - West Pikeland
    The signal to turn left from Conestoga to Newcomen Rd does not activate properly. I've sat at that light through multiple green lights for the lane continuing on straight, yet I get no arrow.