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  • 300-398 S Pine St Nevada City, CA 95959, USA - Nevada City
    Hazard: Roadway is too narrow from this section of Sacramento Street to Zion Street for motor vehicles and bicycles to use simultaneously. This narrow roadway section places cyclist in the roadway travelling at a slow rate of speed, motor vehicles travelling at the speed limit need to move into the oncoming lane to pass a bicycle commuter safely. This is a moderately dangerous section of roadway in Nevada City.
  • Forastera Cir Sacramento, CA 95834, USA - Gateway West
    The Riverview Park is over grown with weeds and not being maintained with the exception of the lawn being mowed.
  • 298 College Ave Woodland, CA 95695, USA - Woodland
    N/W corner of College and Court, street light is out.
  • 8653 Fobes Dr Antelope, CA 95843, USA - Placer County
    Holiday decorations running from one home to another across the street. They also have a street lamp covered up in front of 8653 Fobes.
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    301-307 Quadra Ave Rio Linda, CA 95673, USA - Rio Linda
    Cars use this street as shortcut to get across Elkhorn ...they travel way too fast down this street ...somebody is going to get hurt or killed
  • 718-724 Cannon Station Court Vacaville, CA 95688, USA - Vacaville
    Most people on the court have their garbage cans in view from the street all week long.
  • 105 Nevada City Hwy Nevada City, CA 95959, USA - Nevada City
    Hazard: Large pothole in the middle of the bicycle lane! This lane is often covered in debris which can cover this hazard, proceed here by staying close to the fogline.
  • 3001 Mabry Dr Sacramento, CA - Village 7

    There are two pedestrian paths that run parallel to each other but intersect Mabry Drive near the intersection of Mabry and Uccello Way. The eastern pedestrian path has proper safety signage (i.e., pedestrian crossing sign and painted crosswalk) on Mabry alerting drivers to pedestrian crossing the street in the cross walk. In addition, the eastern path has a double yellow line on Mabry preventing cars from passing in this crosswalk area.

    Several yards to the west, the sister pedestrian pathway has no signage alerting drivers to pedestrians crossing Mabry. There is no painted crosswalk on Mabry for the west bound pedestrian walkway. Finally, there is no double yellow line on this section of the road, allowing drivers to potentially pass in a already complex intersection with pedestrians.

    Please note, that this is a MAIN thoroughfare for many small children on their bikes on their way to/from school (H. Allen Hight Elementary School). Many high school students at Inderkum use these pathways too for traveling to and from school. Many adults use both pathways for running and biking as well as many elderly. It is imperative for everyone's safety, including drivers, that the proper safety signage and road markings exists for both paths. Please realize that trying to redirect everyone to one path is non-practical as there are many small children that will not understand and adhere to that methodology.

    The same issue exists for the pedestrian paths when the intersect Club Center Drive. The entire "safety integrity" of both pedestrian paths should be evaluated and analyzed for consistency and adherence to safety regulations.

    All of this information can be substantiated with the satellite view in Google Earth.

    Please correct immediately.

  • San Pacific Ct Rio Linda, CA - Rio Linda
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 2800 Club Center Dr Sacramento, CA - Creekside

    Several large boulders strategically placed on side of flood control channel's slope have been washed away exposing the bare soil. Left alone, additional rain and channel flow will further erode channel's banks, causing further damage and possible flooding.

    Flood channel's bank needs to be repaired, including boulder replacement.

  • 300-398 S Pine St Nevada City, CA 95959, USA - Nevada City
    The sidewalk on the west side of Pine is raised about 3-4ft above the road, but has no handrail to keep kids from falling onto the narrow, curving roadway below.
  • 20570-21198 California 49 Nevada City, CA 95959, USA - Nevada County
    The metal expansion joint just before the State Highway 49 bridge is very dangerous. One section of it is close to a typical direction of travel for bicycles. The opening for the joint is deep and slightly wider than a bike wheel. It's at the bottom of a long, fast (35-40 mph) descent. I have witnessed 2 accidents there. Firefighters responding to the last one told me there are multiple calls at that location each year.