J Burton, Public Watcher

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I am a public watcher interested in fixing issues as quickly as possible after they arise. I don't "fixes" that do not permanently address the problem, nor do I want the fix to take so long that it creates an issue of its own.


  • 3801-3803 Penny St Sw Huntsville, AL 35805, USA - Huntsville
    As shown in the picture, a new light-utility pole has been set as the old pole is broken. However, the repair team then tied a rope to the top of the old pole to hold it or secure it. This appears extremely unsafe due to the high winds we are prone to having and if the old pole breaks completely, it will pu down the new pole as well possibly.
    Your assistance is appreciated.
  • 1417-1479 Perimeter Parkway Northwest Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville

    Leaving Perimeter Parkway, there are three lanes. And the middle lane should be a straight or left turn (based on many, many years of this setup).

    Perimeter Parkway recently was repaved and arrows were put down but the arrow for the middle lane (straight or left) was never put back so it can be confusing for people since there's no indication that is allowed.

    Can you put down markings for the middle lane letting drivers know that a left turn or straight movement is allowed at this intersection?


  • 328-400 Town And Country Dr Nw Huntsville, AL 35806, USA - Huntsville
    We would like to have a few street lights installed at the parking lot to the Sherwood Park playground to prevent people from sitting there at night and doing illegal activities. If you look at the police reports of us calling in the neighborhood there have been to many. It is too dark in that parking lot and there are homes all along the playground area.
  • 700 Marina Park Dr Se Huntsville, AL 35803, USA - Huntsville
    It has been several weeks since the Huntsville Utilities contractor completed installation of piping along Ditto Marina Parkway. What is the expected completion of the cleanup and sidewalk repair?
  • Curb Marking Archived
    3600 Lakewood Road Northwest Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    As you enter the neighborhood bearing right on Lakewood Road, the curb on the right side is nearly invisible at night. Several cars have run up into the yard over the last several months. Would it be possible to put some sort of reflectors in this are and possibly the opposite side?
  • Aldridge Creek Greenway Huntsville, AL 35803, USA - Huntsville

    Broken see saw. South side park - off of Chaney Thompson and near Aldridge Creek Greenway.

    One of the see saws appears to be broken. Not balanced - kids are at risk of being flipped off.

    Recommend someone check it out

  • 501 Mountain Gap Rd Se Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Next to 501 Mountain Gap Road there is an old utility pole next to a new one. The old one has an "X" spray painted on it and also red tape around it. Is this pole going to be removed? It's an eyesore in its current condition. See photo. Thanks!
  • 2016 Stanford Dr Sw Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    When will the city do the repairs needed from the damage caused by the big crane when putting in new utility poles in Madison Heights neighborhood? The street and curb is crushed in front of our house at 2016 Stanford Dr. Also there is yard damage in front and back from the weight of the crane and equipment.
  • Other Archived
    Caldwell Lane Owens Cross Roads, Alabama - Huntsville
    Road remains half unpaved, uneven surface
  • Other Archived
    2121 Cecille Dr Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    I would like to know what is going on with this house. Power lines to the house have been cut and on the ground. I don't think that the utilities would have left them on the ground still going to the pole. Also meter base has been removed.The house looks like no one has lived there for some time.
  • Chicamauga Trail Southeast Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The speeding on this street is getting ridiculous. Cars are now beginning to pass other cars to get to the other end of chicamauga trail. Please see if more speed bumps or taller bumps could be added. Please contact HPD to actually enforce the speed limits.
  • Trader Joe's Archived
    2124 Cecil Ashburn Dr Se Huntsville, AL 35802, USA - Huntsville