J Burton, Public Watcher

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I am a public watcher interested in fixing issues as quickly as possible after they arise. I don't "fixes" that do not permanently address the problem, nor do I want the fix to take so long that it creates an issue of its own.

Notified About

  • 10020 Memorial Pkwy Sw Huntsville, AL 35803, USA - Huntsville
  • Hillcrest Ave Nw Huntsville, AL 35806, USA - Huntsville
    Facing the wrong direction. Old Stone Bank exit onto Hillcrest Ave NW.
  • Other Archived
    Wade Road Huntsville, Alabama - US Congressional District AL5
    Road work was done a few weeks ago. However it is awful the road ia worse now then it was before the so called repairs. I under stand trying to save mony however none of the road was smothed out just laid down and now we have ripples. Yhis issue needs to be repaired or ill be bringing repair fees for my vehicle for damage to the city shortly
  • 308 Fountain Circle Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
  • 2802 Barcody Rd Se Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Leaves and limbs stuck under the bridge at 2802 Barcody road. Also storm drains next to bridge clogged with leaves.
  • 301 Washington St Nw Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Bring back "angle in" parking. Downtown began to die when they tried to "citify" the streets and sidewalks. Folks around here don't like parking garages or parallel parking, and we aren't going to walk more tha 50 feet from our cars to a store or resturant.
  • Enterprise Way Nw Huntsville, AL - Huntsville
    There are numerous potholes on Enterprise Way NW. It is impossible not to hit one.
  • 2007 Cameron Huntsville, AL - Huntsville
    Would like a Chuy's in Haysland shopping center. Closest Chuy's are in Nashville and Birmingham. This is a popular tex-mex chain.
  • 13611 Boca Cir Se Huntsville, AL 35803, USA - Huntsville
    This is the best picture I could get but landscapers are dumping their yard waste at Southside disc golf park.
  • 2719 Hillsboro Road Sw Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Litter in front yard. This is an ongoing problem.
  • 1100 Hoover St Nw Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Sidewalk on Hoover Street needs repaired, marked approx. location.
  • SciQuest Archived
    660 Gallatin St Sw Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    Science is such a key part of the success of Huntsville and everything that is done here. We should really show off our science museum more and move it out from behind the trees where it is now. It would bring families into the downtown area and be a perfect fit with the rest of the museums and the park.