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  • 15pelican Pl Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    Pelican Place entrance road gets flooded after every rain, regardless of the amount of rain. During the last storm, 100 feet of road was flooded up to 3 feet deep and impassible, even moving a railroad tie! This flooding is due to the lack of maintenance in the ditches on each side of the trail behind our property, which abuts the trail. The ditch is overgrown and not maintained on a regular basis, but when it is cut, the cuttings are not removed. The sewer pipe is already full of dirt and plants which are growing in the pipe and never cleaned out. Then the cuttings fill it completely. With water having no where to go, it overflows the ditch and backs up into Pelican Place streets and yards. As President of Pelican Place Association, I would be happy to work with you to insure the safety of our residents. This is not only a dangerous situation from the flooding perspective, but also the mosquito, and disease that can be spread from standing water for over a week. Please contact me to update me on your meeting last Thursday with the City of Belleair and county employees. I can be reached at 727-424-6155 before 3 pm any day. Thank you - Jane House
  • Pothole Archived
    1-3 Desoto Pl Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    Depression in curb over a sanitary line. Possible leak.
  • Belleair Florida - Belleair
    One or more houses on Country Club Rd. is pumping out irrigation water that smells like a large amount of human fecal matter (this is NOT simply a "rotten egg" smell). This pungent and extremely foul odor is coming from somewhere to the west of Indian Rocks Rd., likely a few doors down from that intersection with the traffic calming palm tree in the middle. Regardless, considering the way my other report about this same issue at a different address was treated, it appears that further details are required in order for something like this to be taken seriously. Otherwise, it makes no sense that my initial report was given almost zero consideration and personal observations were immediately re-characterized from "raw sewage" to "rotten egg smell," which is quite different and much more benign. So, just in case it's still unclear, the water that's involved smells so bad it cannot be described as merely "annoyingly unpleasant," as it's a much more distressing situation. The stench is so horrific that a physical reaction occurs almost instantly upon encounter; stinging/watering eyes, followed by chest pain, nausea, anxiety, and lingering headache. Whatever's going on with this so-called "shallow well" practice referenced in response to my previous report, I can personally confirm it's not just some harmless cost-saving activity, and involves toxic fumes and bacteria-filled groundwater being sprayed around to saturate anything and everything nearby, including neighboring people, property and airspace. If exposing residents to this kind of thing is not a concern within the purview of the Water Dept., then please so state and forward along to the appropriate person/agency instead of closing it out as if resolved.
  • 1016 Ponce De Leon Blvd Belleair, Florida - Belleair
  • 1703 Cypress Ave Belleair 33756 United States - Belleair
    The situation at this house pool is really terrible, they water is black and green and we are getting lots of mosquitoes from that pool
  • Street Lights Archived
    450 Rosery Rd Belleair, FL 33756, USA - Belleair
    Street lights on Magnolia and part of Rosery Road have been out since construction. They are still off and construction has been over for months.
  • 1315 Indian Rocks Rd - Belleair
    Garbage cans continuously left in front yard.
  • 800-806 Ponce De Leon Boulevard Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    There needs to be some yield to pedestrians/pedestrian crosswalk signage at the IR roundabout. If not for all of the brick crosswalk areas, at a minimum they should be on the Indian Rocks approaches. I have stood there to cross IR with my dog on numerous occasions as cars passed us by without a glance.
  • Good Ideas Archived
    791-799 Ponce De Leon Boulevard Belleair, Florida - Belleair
    Rotary circle at Ponce de Leon and Indian Rocks Road. Near accidents due to ignorance of right-of-way rules. Old habits die hard. IRB drivers not yielding to intersecting drivers with right of way. Near accident today by driver with right of way (me) who entered rotary slower than north-bound elderly driver with duty to yield driving 35-40 mph. She would have T-boned me had I not yielded to her incursion. She had an out of state tag, probably had no idea what rotary rules are, and even felt entitled to aply the old stop sign rules (which no longer apply). Some new signage is needed to advise uninformed motorists what a 4-way yield, unlike a 4-way stop, means.
  • 36 Winston Drive Belleair, Florida - Belleair

    Can you please check out the stand of trees on the south side of my house that are on the empty lot. There is a huge amount of tree debris on the ground around the trees. I have a wood tick infestation at my house because of it. I have had an exterminator at my house twice to treat and he has said that the issue stems from the trees and the stuff on the ground. Can we ask the owner to clean it up? Let me know if there is anything I can do, as it is not my property to go onto and mess with.

    Penny Danielson

  • 501-599 Pineland Avenue Belleair, Florida - Belleair
  • Road Issue Archived
    552 Pineland Ave Belleair/Pinellas County, Florida - Belleair
    Depression on sides of sanitary manhole in the middle of the roadway. Resident reported who also sprayed the area with paint.