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  • MOTORCYCLES Archived
    New Haven - Dixwell
    Loud motorcyles, especially during Summer months, constantly disturb and harass citizens of New Haven by operating with illegal and potentially harmful exhaust systems. Why doesn't the NHPD or the Dept. Of Health do anything about this?
    New York is working on legislation:
  • 286 York St New Haven, CT 06520 - Dixwell
    I recently traveled over 1.5 hours to go to an Apple store in the West Farms Mall. I think this would be an ideal location, with shops open late already the hours would be perfect. Coffee houses next door, ABP on the corner - parking down York Street and on Broadway.
  • 25 Science Park New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    Please post no parking signs to block 20-30 feet on each side of the driveway. This is a very blind exit that is extremely dangerous.
  • Sachem And Winchester - Dixwell
    With the canal-trail becoming more and more used, and the intersection here (Sachem at Canal, just past Winchester) being an important access-point to the trail, it is dangerous that this is a three-way intersection with STOP signs on only two out of the three directions of travel! It seems to me a no-brainer to make this a Stop sign for everyone.
  • 100 150 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT - Dixwell
    Bike rack at Stop and Shop is almost completely unusable. It is not a standard rack. As a result cyclists are forced to shop elsewhere, or to lock up to things like railings and shopping carts to keep their bikes safe.
  • Frances Hunter Dr New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Monterey Place
    A city snow plow piled a 6 ft snow mountain right in front of my driveway this morning at 8.20am on 1/27/2011 and then left. I am stuck now and cannot get out. Street has also not been plowed still (i.e. 5pm 1/27/2011)
  • Cars go speeding up Mansfield Street at very unsafe speeds because it is just a long street, no stop signs or anything. Children are frequently riding bikes around as well, just seems like a terrible combination. Maybe adding stop signs or maybe even just speed bumps (or just those "rumble strips") to certain areas would help.
  • 280 York St New Haven, CT 06520 - Dixwell

    A bike corral is just the sort of high-visibility action that would put New Haven on the map as a bicycle-friendly city.

    Mark Abraham suggested that the area in front of Au Bon Pain on York Street would be an ideal location and I agree.

    From Mark Abraham:
    “A ‘bike corral’ would be great to have at the NW corner of Elm and York. What’s great is that it could help pedestrians, too.

    The curb at the NW corner should be extended to reduce the crossing distances across York, similar to what was done on the SW side during the mid-1990s rebuilding of Broadway.

    A curb extension would significantly slow the traffic that currently flies around the corner, endangering pedestrians. A shorter distance would also make the street easier to cross.

    Just past that, in front of ABP, could be a perfect spot for a corral. Currently, there is a lack of bicycle parking in this area, and bikes tied to meters reduce the space available for pedestrians on what is a very busy sidewalk.”

  • 68 Mansfield Street New Haven, ct - Dixwell
    Every week residents at Yale apartments at 68 Mansfield Street put their garbage out sloppily, not properly separating recycling, and just throwing bits of food and household trash on the ground. With last week's wind half of it ended up blown around the whole neighborhood. Yale needs to teach people who rent it's housing the rules for handling garbage.
  • Sherman Pkwy New Haven, CT - Dixwell
    Hey Hill House High School! Maybe you wouldn't be one of the worst performing schools in the district if you made it a policy that the signs you post for students and parents to read all used proper grammar.
  • 122 Howe Street New Haven, CT - Dixwell
    This place is an eyesore. Wood piled up all over the parking lot, with garbage mixed in and spilling into the street. This has to be a haven for infestation of rodents. They have a fenced in lot behind them, but never use it. A disgusting corner for years, and a hazard for pedestrians.
  • 124 Mansfield Street - Dixwell

    There is a hugely overgrown, isolated, swampy area in the large abandoned space behind Prospect-Sachem garage and the Mansfield parking lot. The wild brush is over five feet tall in many parts. There is NO lighting, and there is a steep, rock-littered path that leads from the Mansfield lot up to the back of the apartments on Prospect Street. If I were looking to rob, kidnap, or rape someone, this is EXACTLY where I would wait.

    Many students who park in the Mansfield lot walk this dangerous path at night. Could whoever owns this ditch please install some lighting and mow down the overgrowth? It is a serious safety concern.