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  • Corner Of Church And Chapel new haven, CT 06517, USA - Town_Green
    white male. mid 20"s usually in red sox apparrel. Every morning pills are dealt in front of the coffee house
  • 100 College St New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    Currently, there is no nighttime lighting on the bridge on College st. that connects the Yale Med campus to the downtown area. Besides the obvious concern for pedestrian safety/lack of visibility at night in an area notorious for aggressive drivers, people beg for money frequently in the area due to the high traffic volume. I am concerned that if nothing is done to properly light the area, there is an increased risk for people getting hit by traffic and/or for confrontations/assaults in a poorly lit area at night. As the days get shorter into winter, hundreds of people who walk that way home from work will be exposed to these increased risks. Construction for the "Downtown Crossing" project is scheduled to continue into 2016. With one of the goals of this project being increasing sustainable commuting practices - who is looking out for these commuters during the construction phase? I hope this issue is resolved proactively before someone gets seriously hurt.
  • 195 Elm St New Haven, CT - Downtown

    midway between high st. and college st., students are constantly streaming across the street. my belief is that students will always take the most direct path across regardless of the crosswalk at york. another crosswalk would be ignored here, as drivers already speed through the light at york.

    any chance yale could build a simple pedestrian crossing above the street? i bet there are plenty of local architects who would jump at the chance.

  • 756 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - 770 Chapel Big
    Please add a bike rack on the sidewalk in front of Happiness Lab at The Grove, near lower Chapel at State St. There is very little bike parking in this area and it fills up pretty quickly.
  • 746 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - 770 Chapel Big
    The entry and exit is constantly blocked by bus patrons. It is a safety hazard and a shelter needs to be placed away from the entrance. You can donate to a temporary bench for this bus stop here:
  • 703-753 State St New Haven, CT - Downtown
    Watch or Watcher and Bump destroyed the mural. They are writing DOA along with their tags. We are going to try and raise some extra money to resolve this. Worst case scenario is we get some extra days to hang out together and wheat paste.
  • 760-770 Chapel Street New Haven, CT 06510, USA - 770 Chapel Big
    All day long, people of all ages and backgrounds "jaywalk" across this block of Chapel Street, between State and Orange. Effective urban design should follow popular demand. The people clearly want to cross here, let's make it SAFE.
  • 777 Chapel Street New Haven, CT 06510, USA - 770 Chapel Big
    If you are the owner of this vehicle your car was just broken into. I called the Nhpd and pursued the individual but the it took too long for non emergency to pick up and I was told not to follow by the time they got on the phone. The man was last seen headed up crown towards orange carrying a duffle bag. Sorry that I could not have helped to catch him,
  • Lighting Archived
    Chapel And Church new haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    New Haven resident requesting additional pathway lighting on the New Haven Green, (some pathway lights are burned out, and additional can be installed on the area between Church & Temple.

    The area is dark and can be dangerous for Yale students/faculty and all citizens who live off nearby.
    Thank you.

  • 347 College St New Haven, CT 06510 - Downtown

    A crosswalk is needed from Phelps Gate to the Green. There is a mid block crosswalk on Temple Street, in front of the Omni Hotel (which has far fewer pedestrians than Phelps Gate!), which could serve as a model.

    Doing this would require bumping out the curbs and removing some parking spaces, in order to increase the visibility of pedestrians.

    It would also help reduce speeding on the street. Cars currently travel through this area at very high speeds, putting pedestrians' lives at risk.

  • 1-47 Center St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Town_Green

    There have been too many shootings here. The outside area is also too loud for this neighborhood. This one bar is destroying new haven from the center outwards.

    Should we stop eating at Bentara because it is no longer safe?

  • New Haven New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    I have a suggestion for the city. Right now is a perfect time to do an LCI ticketing blitzkrieg for unshovelled sidewalks. I know the city has always been hesitant to enforce this law because of the unpredictability of storms and the chance that a homeowner isn't able bodied. However, I've personally observed many homes with plowed direways and unshovelled sidewalks. This is utterly selfish and unaccceptable and should be an easy red flag for the city to ticket.