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    8129 22nd Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace
    We were informed today by Duke Energy that the City of St. Pete has scheduled sewer maintenance on our property starting in January. How do I get details on this project and find out if there are any existing utility easements on my property?
  • 4691 100th Way N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 6
    I am tired of the good citizens of St Petersburg and the surrounding areas having to try to make a "legal" u-turn when they are headed southbound on 100th Way on an illegal length road. The median has caused the length to be too short to be legal, yet Pinellas County DOT's official letter to me said that everyone can make a u-Turn. The u-turn is at the corner of BayPines Blvd and 100th Way. Not only is this extremely dangerous to make a u-turn at this very busy intersection, it is also dangerous for the health of our cars. I have seen several cars blow out their side-wall tires, rip off their entire bumpers, crush wheels, and ruin a perfectly good day all because of this "sanctioned" u-turn. I think it is time for the City of St Petersburg to step up and let the county know that they need to remove this useless median. I have over 1000 signatures from the good people of this neighborhood who could not agree more! We need your help. Remove the median! Thanks! Aaron Lippard
  • North Mcmullen Booth Road Safety Harbor, Florida - Safety Harbor
    I travel through there every weekday morning at 4:00AM. The light used to cycle fast but now it goes through the complete cycle just as though it were mid-day. It even cycles through the turning arrows even though there are no cars in the turning lane. It take forever to change to green and there are no other cars in sight.
  • 2370-2442 East Lake Road South Palm Harbor, Florida - East Lake
    Just south of the entrance to Chestnut park, but North of Brooker Creek--on the Southbound side of East Lake...Duke Energy came in and replaced Utility Poles very soon after PCU repaired all the sidewalks in this area. Lots of damage. Also, near some of the broken sidewalk, the mowers have torn up some sort of metal utility equipment. The metal cover is bent over and sharp edges are creating a hazard for walkers and cyclists.
  • Road Issue Archived
    7373 Windsor Ct Clearwater , Florida - Commission District 5
    Cars, trucks and a big boat are parked in front of house and blocking the entrance to the cul-de-sac and one lane. Car is always parked at the stop line of Windsor Lane and Windsor Court. This is creating an obstruction and hazard for drivers. Thanks for any help!
    A concerned citizen
  • 1600-2410 Spring Lake Drive Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5
    The street lights are covered by trees and don't provide much light on the street. The trees need to be cut back.
  • 6784 36th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace
    Multiple problems:
    1. Running a landscaping business from house.
    2. Parking large white covered trailer in driveway (used for business)
    3. Parking open metal trailer in driveway (used for business)
    4. Open metal trailer often full of tree debris. Some times this is present for days at a time.
    5. Blue truck used for business often has landscaping equipment and tree debris in it.
    6. Yard parking of these vehicles.
    7. Additional driveway space littered with roofing shingles
    8. These vehicles might not be there fm 8am-5pm. But the vehicles are routinely there in the evenings and weekends.
    9. These issues have been present for over a year.
  • 7801 34th Ave N Lot 76 St Petersburg, FL - Jungle Terrace
    The owner of this lot, Robert KOHLER, also a co - op board member, has been using this lot for an RV. Yesterday he pulled his out and is now allowing it to be used for another RV vehicle. When is code compliance going to take action? We are in violation, both with city zoning and park rules. We are not a RV campground!!!
  • 2180 62nd Street North Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5
    Traffic Light Excessively Long for this time of night, 2:30 am, Light goes Red for Roosevelt Blvd for no reason, no traffic on 62nd, then crosswalk timer counts down the 45-50 crosswalk timer, No car or pedestrian traffic warranting this behavior, can timing be changed for late night travel to not be so long
    Thank You
  • 2621 Sunnyside Circle Clearwater, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Residents have a large boat parked on the grass on the side of their house. According to the codes this is not permitted and is an eyesore in the neighborhood. They also often park their cars blocking the sidewalk for pedestrian use.
  • 3801 Tyrone Blvd N St Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace
    Awning across entire facade of this strip mall is destroyed.
  • 6600 9th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida - Eagle Crest Homeowners Association
    Up to 10 cars are parked in the yard at all hours of the day or night. Sometimes the cars are blocking the sidewalk. Some of the cars are in various state of repair. This is a corner lot with a small yard and often, the entire yard is bumper to bumper cars.