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  • Traffic Issue Archived
    3801 74th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace
    The traffic on the corner of 38th ave and 74th street is terrible. The school drop off and pick up times are the worst. Especially pick up. 74th street has lines of cars PARKED along the street everyday between 2:45 and 3:15. It is impossible to even gt down the street. Parents are parked. Traffic is attempting to go around the long line of parked cars. It is a complete mess. There is signage stating no stopping, but it is obviously not enforced. Maybe they school can have an alternative pick up route?
  • Road Issue Archived
    12755 86th Ave N Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    I am concerned about the back up on 86th Ave, a major through street, when parents line up and block the eastbound lane to pick up children at Bauder Elementary. This occurs around 2:30 p.m. and it forces the traffic to go around them in a very rutty shoulder. I do not feel that they should be allowed to block traffic on such a major road. Perhaps the shoulder can be paved to allow eastbound traffic to pass by. I am also concerned should an emergency vehicle need to pass them.
  • 1800 Sunrise Blvd Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5
    There are typically six to seven vehicles parked in the yard of this residence which is zoned single family. At least one of the vehicles is inoperable and is parked in the yard at the side of the house. This hme is being rented out as a rooming house with multiple tenants which change constantly. I am told they are students at a nearby college or school. Thi is a quiet neighborhood and we deserve to have the rules and ordinances enforced. A rooming house is not legal in our neighborhood. A corporation owns the home so it is not owner occupied. Just drive by in the morning or evening and an inspector will see at least six to seven vehicles parked in the yard, not in legitimate parking spots. Please investigate and advise me of your response.
  • 6600 9th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida - Eagle Crest Homeowners Association
    Up to 10 cars are parked in the yard at all hours of the day or night. Sometimes the cars are blocking the sidewalk. Some of the cars are in various state of repair. This is a corner lot with a small yard and often, the entire yard is bumper to bumper cars.
  • 6600 9th Av N. St. Petersburg, Florida - Eagle Crest Homeowners Association
    Supervisor Of Codes
    Please help us, the house @6600 9th av. n. is TERRIBLE. Junk cars parked in back&side yards ,they drive over the curb & park cars on sidewalks on 9th & 66th ,police have been out about the parking.6-7 cars in yard all the time, they are doing repair work in the garage,NOW ,we drove by @ 6:15pm on 8/12/14 and they are in driveway getting a car ready to PAINT,house is a rental, NOT a AUTO REPAIR & PAINT SHOP.Please help ,this has been going on for months and it is Degrading our neighborhood. Thank You
  • 6793 36th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace
    Black metal flat bed trailer parked in front yard
    (east side). Has a For Sale sign on it. Been there for over 2 weeks.
  • 100 1st St Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    Last Saturday (12/27), we arrived from out of state to go to the Farmer's Market and parked in what appeared to be a legitimate parking spot. There was no fire hydrant, no yellow marker indicating a no parking zone and NO SIGNS saying that parking was prohibited. Attached are pictures taken to show that this appeared to be a legitimate spot. A No Parking zone should be specified as such.
  • 4691 100th Way N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 6
    I am tired of the good citizens of St Petersburg and the surrounding areas having to try to make a "legal" u-turn when they are headed southbound on 100th Way on an illegal length road. The median has caused the length to be too short to be legal, yet Pinellas County DOT's official letter to me said that everyone can make a u-Turn. The u-turn is at the corner of BayPines Blvd and 100th Way. Not only is this extremely dangerous to make a u-turn at this very busy intersection, it is also dangerous for the health of our cars. I have seen several cars blow out their side-wall tires, rip off their entire bumpers, crush wheels, and ruin a perfectly good day all because of this "sanctioned" u-turn. I think it is time for the City of St Petersburg to step up and let the county know that they need to remove this useless median. I have over 1000 signatures from the good people of this neighborhood who could not agree more! We need your help. Remove the median! Thanks! Aaron Lippard
  • Flooding Archived
    102 S Canal Dr Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Rain flooding and grass clogged drain ditch has created water so high, it is impossible to drive a compact car through. Tail pipes below the water level. Help please. At least clean out what little drainage ditches there are. Water is feet deep yet only a trickle goes out the drain in to Lake Tarpon.
  • 6784 36th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace
    Multiple problems:
    1. Running a landscaping business from house.
    2. Parking large white covered trailer in driveway (used for business)
    3. Parking open metal trailer in driveway (used for business)
    4. Open metal trailer often full of tree debris. Some times this is present for days at a time.
    5. Blue truck used for business often has landscaping equipment and tree debris in it.
    6. Yard parking of these vehicles.
    7. Additional driveway space littered with roofing shingles
    8. These vehicles might not be there fm 8am-5pm. But the vehicles are routinely there in the evenings and weekends.
    9. These issues have been present for over a year.
  • 7870 Country Clud Rd N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Prada Neighborhood Association
    Owners have a Bus (Number 862). Bus is always in driveway except on weekends, on weekends they move it to the church on 78th St and 22nd Ave N. Owner says she does not care what code says, she is parking where she wants to. The bus is owned by Goodwill. The bus leaves Monday thru Friday around 6:30am, returns by 10am, leaves again around pm and is back for the night by 4:30pm. She is very aggressive about this issue and does not care what neighbors or Code thinks is right. Thank you for everything you do.
  • 6957 79th Ave Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park
    public sidewalk almost totally overgrown