Commission District 1- Pinellas County PLUS

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  • 6722 35th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL 33710, USA - Jungle Terrace
    Several commercial vehicles and trailers parked in the road and yard. A lot of junk/toys piled up outside. Trailers have no reflectors and are sometimes parked out in the road where you almost run into them at night.
  • 122nd St. N. Between Park Blvd. & 86th Ave. N. Seminole, FL - Commission District 6
    122nd St. N. beetween Park Blvd. & 86th Ave. N. is badly in
    need of re-paving. This is a heavily used street and has
    many patches over potholes. The patches don't hold up for
    very long and additional potholes keep forming.. This street
    is a mess and is awful to drive on. This street is long
    overdue for a complete re-paving.
  • Pothole Archived
    11746 93rd Ave Seminole, FL 33772, USA - Commission District 6
    Pothole extending across width of driveway.
  • 6800 30th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace
    boat & 2 jet skies are parked in the right away in back of the house
  • 9951 Indian Key Trail Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    The mosquitos are quite active as we walk in the community during the mornings and evenings...they are biting quiet often.
  • Between Mango And Date Palm South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    The empty lots on Pasadena Ave S. between Mango and Date Palm S. has multiple large realtor signs piled up behind the trees. You can't see it from the road but you can see it from the ally that runs between Mango and Date Palm.
  • Walter Fuller Park Saint Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace
    There are a number of street lights out along the inside sidewalk along the water. We counted 7 outages on the northeast side between the soccer fields and the dog park. It is very dark in that area making it difficult to see.
  • 3201 Drew St Clearwater, FL 33759, USA - Clearwater
    The street lights On bayshore blvd,between drew street and gulf to bay blvd are off. The street is very dark and hard to see because it is curvy and lots of trees. It is dangerous for cars. The lights been off for a 3 weeks.
  • 9710 82nd Ave Seminole, Florida - Seminole
    Mosquitos terrible! From 82nd Ave to 78th Ave
  • 86th Ave North Seminole, FL - Seminole

    The traffic light for 86th Avenue at 113th Street North in Seminole takes a very long time to change after 8 or 9 PM. I drive 86th Avenue several times a day and have waited up to ten minutes for the light to turn green to allow me to turn left on to 113th Street. If there is not a car in front of you, it may be possible to inch your car up and "trip" the light. Sometimes I get frustrated and turn right, do a U-turn, and get on my way. Even after all that, the light still does not change. I am glad this site is here because I was going to call someone about this! Thank you.

    113th Street North and 86th Avenue takes forever to change for traffic

  • 101 Bayside Blvd Oldsmar, FL 34677, USA - Oldsmar
    The traffic light at curlew and bayside timed wrong. It used to be timed with the light at Tampa rd.
  • 1807 Sunrise Blvd Clearwater , FL - Commission District 5
    this property has 3 work trailers at the residence. It looks aa if they are running a lawn service business from the home. Lots of equipment.