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  • Bryan Dairy Largo, FL - Commission District 6
    traffic light is for 2 office buildings parking lots on each side of the road. This light should be blinking yellow after business hours and or on the weekends. But its not! It is mostly red when driving east or west on bryan dairy, so you have to stop and wait for the sequence when nothing is there.
    not very cost effective for fuel or wear and tear on a vehical. The traffic light is just west of the train tracks. There is already 3 traffic lights between belcher rd and starkey rd on bryan dairy and that's not including the actual main intersections so if this one for the businesses it should be flashing yellow during none business hours.
  • Florida 55 Palm Harbor, FL - Palm Harbor
    The nb left turn signal does not allow enough time for traffic in the lane to go west bound on Nebraska.
  • 602 Oberlin Dr Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    The person at 602 oberlin Dr, clearwater,fl,33765 is parking multiple commercial viehicles on his property as well as running a commecial business out of his house which is creating lots of excessive noise at times along with being a safety hazard to our neighborhood school children as their gate is right by the bus stop and when they come and go they do it with complete disregard to their safety, it's to the point where they almost hit a few kids on 2 different occasions. Please get this b problem fixed as soon as you can so our children are safe going to and from school
  • Overgrown Archived
    1729 Creek Ln Largo, FL - Largo
    The ditch is very overgrown, alot of bugs and it smells like there is something dead in the ditch
  • 3534 Adrian Ave. Largo, FL - Largo
    Firemarshall / city sign removed from door. Black plastic placed over old laudromat windows. This section of the building is not open for use - was closed down by the city. The owner of the building and those who keep attempting to use this for a 'after hours' club / 'topless' bar should be held accountable.
  • 12527 Ridge Rd Largo, FL 33778, USA - Largo
    Large piles of junk visible from the road. Constantly leaving junk in and around yard. Trash from their piles is blowing into neighboring yards. A huge eyesore to an otherwise very well kept neighborhood.
  • 952 Beckett Way Tarpon Springs, FL - Tarpon Springs
    Heading sb from Pasco you get a red light at Beckett way. When you get up to speed at 55 mph the light at Tarpon changes to red. this cycle happens all the way down to Republic dr. This is a waste of gas stopping and going. Please retime these lights!
  • 1932 N Betty Lane Clearwater, FL - Commission District 5
    We understand Code Enforcement officer is doing his/her job, however, the owner might as well be DEAD and may in fact be DEAD. House is in foreclosure; no amount of "encouragement to comply" is going to work. Question is"WILL COUNTY RESOURCES FOR WHICH TAXPAYERS OF UNINCORPORATED PAY FOR CUT AND CLEAN UP THIS EYESORE AND HEALTH HAZARD AND CHARGE TO "OWNER"? Please take this to your top level and the neighborhood will go from there. IT'S SIMPLE - YES OR NO. Thank you.
  • 3394 Adrian Avenue Largo, FL 33774, USA - Largo
  • 3300 Adrian Avenue Largo, Florida - Largo
    The 3300 block of Adrian Avenue's ditches were never cleaned out which resulted in severe flooding after the last rainfall. 1/2 of my neighbor's driveway and parkway ended up in my driveway in standing water that stretched clear down to Creek Ln.
  • Other Archived
    10973 111th Street Largo, FL 33778, USA - Commission District 5
    Abandon home?
  • Other Archived
    2240 Hemerick Place Clearwater, FL 33765, USA - Clearwater
    2001 Hemerick Pl. Business vehicles and a tent, running the business out of the home. Often times the truck is parked in the right of way on Belcher, and blocks the view of North bound traffic on Belcher. Busy household.