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  • 1927 N Betty Lane Clearwater, FL - Commission District 5
    Unless this swimming pool is drained and taken away by FRIDAY, a group of neighbors will be sitting by the side of the road with signs to expose the ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION AND MISUSE OF COUNTY RESOURCES on this street! No more excuses or promises.
  • 2474 Islander Ct Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Junk truck on street over past several months, has expired dealers plate present on frame of truck, no bumpers. Boat and trailer has no attached vehicle. Both cause obstruction of traffic pattern and question emergency vehicles maneuverability in this area.
  • Other Archived
    281 Cleveland Avenue Southwest Largo, FL 33770, USA - Largo
    Please tell me this isn't how we are fixing this sinkhole ? It isn't a pot hole on 2nd st between cleveland and second ave in largo . This is a sinkhole
  • Parking Issue Archived
    11245 110th Way Largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    My neighbor that lives across the street from me has 3 limo's parked in front of his house taking up a large amount of the road. Occasionally the limos are parked in his yard. This is an eye sore and makes getting through the road impossible at times.
  • Other Archived
    9242 123rd Avenue Largo, FL 33773, USA - Commission District 5
    Wires are hanging down on 92nd Street & 122nd Terrace.
  • 10536 119th Ave N Largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    People living in motor home in front yard for 2+ months.
  • 2123 Karan Way Clearwater, FL 33763, USA - Commission District 2
    Reported before, orange paint sprayed on problem areas, but not fixed yet.
  • 1268 N Sedeeva Circle Clearwater, FL - Commission District 5
    trash and furniture on side of road for weeks.
  • 1345 Union St Clearwater, FL 33755, USA - Commission District 5
    unsightly garbage not picked up for a month
  • 1801 South Lake Avenue Clearwater, FL 33756, USA - Commission District 5
    There is a house on lake ave in Clearwater south of bellair rd and north of rosery rd that was burnt over a year ago and nothing has been done to repair it. It's a eyesore and may be decreasing property values in the area. What and when will something bee done about it?
  • 9242 123rd Avenue Largo, FL 33773, USA - Commission District 5
    Street sign is turned the incorrect way. The 92 Street sign is on 122nd terrace in error. And visa versa
  • Other Archived
    2287 Manor Boulevard North Clearwater, FL 33765, USA - Commission District 2
    Living in camper in side yard